Cops & Gang Leaders to Meet? | Politics in Festival Song Competition? – June 10 2022

Cops & Gang Leaders to Meet? | Politics in Festival Song Competition? - June 10 2022 1



  2. Delroy Chuck either needs to hand in his resignation after those comments or move come live in the ghetto fi 5 years to understand what the people them a go thru. Me honestly cant believe those comments from A JUSTICE MINISTER. No wonder why Jamaica justice system keeps on failing.

  3. Dem loose the concept of “festival” songs. They have regularised it. Sound like regular songs in dancehall.

  4. as I said before am going to say it again Jamaica labor party need some new people government sit down with bad people to talk it is crazy I am afraid of Jamaican politician I do not know why I even scared to walk at night I never ever trust Jamaican politician (Mike Henry audley Shaw) the rest of Jamaican politician man and woman I am afraid even to walk at night

  5. Why is it that no one is asking for this man to resign πŸ˜• πŸ˜’, Chuck needs to be placed on a removal Truck, he not on the same page πŸ€” as the rest of the oppressed people of Jamaica

  6. Finally, we been asking for a crime plan for how long and finally the government come with it.😁

  7. Meeting with criminals to discuss crime plan? what the hell is wrong with these people.
    How about actually doing yall jobs, install more CCTV cameras island wide I saw that yall just got some CCTV cameras and 300 more are on its way..
    The only time the government or law enforcement should ever negotiate with criminals is after they have been captured or turned them self in and offer up the bigger “fish” or information that can lead to the assert, charged and destruction of criminal organisations. At that point negotiations can take place for a reduced sentence, immunity or expunction!!

  8. Negotiation meaning – aimed to reach agreement
    -Long time politicians been a working with criminals to have the Don’s to force the citizens to vote fi dem parties
    -All this time good police officers have been putting dem life on the life to do what is ask of them, that’s a BIG SLAP IN FACE
    – criminals killed many innocent people, but you asking them what can we as a government do for you
    – giving more politicians to put dirty money into their pockets
    – citizens of Jamaica this is what your vote gets you , and the world is know really looking at Jamaica government as idiots who are running the country, sad day in history
    Our Lord and savory does not make negotiations with the devil
    I pray an hope that many citizens are opening their eyes and ears to what’s going on

  9. How can you invite criminals to sit down on talk to, that’s a sign of weakness, it also showing a weak government and a weak police force, what is going on in Jamaica the country need leadership. The PM said that he spent millions on the police force more than any government in the history of Jamaica to do what, the more they spent the higher the crime get, Delray chuck is for the criminal he’s the one give them 50% off to plead guilty so he is definitely for the criminal.

  10. The justice minister no longer believe the security forces can contain crime and this is a slap in the faces of those honest, hard working members who put their lives on the line to rid the country of these scumbags. Is Jamaica beyond recovery, Minister Chuck?

  11. Am now convinced that these politicians and the bad men are working, it’s like they are signing away innocent life. Mr MP please think long and hard about what your doing. Because things are not happening around your people or families you all dnt care. But think on people of Jamaica

  12. What government need to do is set up a whole room, with some tvs and have Jamaica eye viewing the country parish, my parish and in the communities that always having trouble. Those persons in that room will have no access to their phone until their shift end, and the phones should only be use to contact the police to be dispatch to the area where the problem is. But then again I might watch too much show and or it’s only in Jamaica they dnt have a camera at every intersection and major turn off, at some entrance or exits.

  13. Really! This guy is crazy! Sit down with gang leaders? To hell with that!
    How could Delroy agree with that?
    That means you are acknowledging your weakness on crimes.
    Identify gang leaders & lock them up for life or eliminate them!! You’re giving them power and showing them that they’re important. Tell the soldiers & cops to get rid of them. No meetings! MADNESS THAT!!!

  14. its a step in the right direction to meet with these gang leaders to find a solutions with their enemy . if peter buntin have a better idea he need to step forward.

  15. Police must never sit with no gangster and talk that’s a sign of weakness on the JCF and JDF side.

  16. Crime fighters just need the right apparatus technology and proper CCTV on our streets the JCF just need to get the information correct to move forward any country that Gunmen can bring it to its knees are in big trouble we must treat Gun man who are killing our citizens like how you deal with terrorists

  17. Boy these Governments are so NIAVE and Petty. Which Gang Leader Ago Leave Their Gang To Sit and Chat with Government.
    Only one Dat Want to Die.. You don’t see that the Gangster them are Serious. Better him never say nothing.. SMH
    Government is a Little Gangster them self. Sit with Gangsters. BIGGEST JOKE.
    Everybody know that Gangsters are Die Hard….

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