Cops Want Tougher Penalties | 16 Schools Reopen – November 10 2020

Cops Want Tougher Penalties | 16 Schools Reopen - November 10 2020 1


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23 Comments on "Cops Want Tougher Penalties | 16 Schools Reopen – November 10 2020"

  1. I dont know what’s taking so long to impose stiffer penalties for these murderers.

  2. All of a sudden she have chest cold my question is if she have been the winner I’m pretty sure she would be at King’s house right now I do not know why Jamaican people so lie

  3. Every time I hear him on the TV or the radio the TV shut down the radio shut off

  4. Jamaica is a big joke

    • The government of JAMAICA is lame…they r a lame jackass…a pure filt coming fr their mouth nothing makes sense…when it comes to JAMAICA crime pays…an blind can’t lead blind…a the fittest of the fittest shall survive what is going on in JAMAICA…it’s a money making thing…bcuse the lawyer makes money the police make his money for not turning up at court…the judge make is money all so…the crime in JAMAICA bigger than the government…bow-gad can’t 7 nor 11…bcuse he can’t stop what is going on!!!

    • Donmafia Dancehall | November 10, 2020 at 9:52 PM | Reply


  5. 🛑LIFE🛑

  6. The Government in Jamaica are joking with those Criminal in Jamaica.

  7. Norman Ferguson | November 10, 2020 at 4:39 PM | Reply

    Now you speaking Mr Commissioner, we the law abiding citizens of this country have been advocating for life imprisonment for anyone in position of illegal firearm plus one year for each bullet found in their position.

    • Asher Ben David | November 10, 2020 at 5:23 PM | Reply

      I thought that law was already on the books..what of gun court.?
      Or yu mean outlaw stones..? Because is stones they used to flatten the man’s head..
      Further stiffening the gun laws makes no difference to outlaws..

  8. All fines for injustice crimes and abuses needs to be drastically stepped up in order to match up to the illegal vicious actions whether for all Jamaicans whether security personnel civilian’s rich poor or otherwise for law is law and should stand for all sectors and race not just for the poor and needy

  9. Paulette Devonish | November 10, 2020 at 5:21 PM | Reply


  10. Jennifer Dixon | November 10, 2020 at 5:37 PM | Reply

    There needs to be tougher measures for criminals with guns. Dem getting away with too much.

  11. Maurice Duncan | November 10, 2020 at 6:26 PM | Reply

    Tougher laws are needed for the recovery of all gun related offenses. Also stronger methods are needed to locate guns and ammunition that are being imported in barrels and containers.

  12. Criminals found with illegal guns should be given life without parol.

  13. Maggie Edwards | November 10, 2020 at 6:44 PM | Reply

    Constable Plummer sorry for the way your life was lost r.i p,
    With the greatest Respect minister Anderson
    Police Officers know what they sign for , however that does not mean their safety and their colleagues , should ever be compromised on any operations , assessing your perimeter on entering a situation is one thing ,
    however no lone officer should be out without a colleague at all times ., not just for protection of each colleagues safety, but also theirs ,

    Lone patrols in these times more than ever should not be permitted ,
    solving potential crime is one thing, however those officers have to return to their families too,
    I understand resources may cause less manpower at certain times , and in the line of duty any thing can go wrong ,
    Where risk can be minimised, it should be
    TVJ thank you

  14. Angie Richards | November 10, 2020 at 7:02 PM | Reply

    Jamaican stop fighting for house and land because nature is coming for you

  15. anthony willis | November 10, 2020 at 7:17 PM | Reply

    Also you should speak out when the police abused the people of Jamaica not only police have rights bit the people of Jamaica also have rights

  16. Police is the most criminal with guns and most time them is the same one who give them friend’s guns to do criminal acts

  17. Lillian Smith Whyte | November 10, 2020 at 7:40 PM | Reply


  18. The police should do more to intercept illegal weapons entering the country through our ports!

  19. What if the security forces make a decision to bring in all gunmen dead. Try that it might just work.

  20. Better yet they should put ALL d “SOE-ZOEs” at the ports ! That should cut d influx of weapons n drugs by 50%!

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