Cornell Bunting - Escaping the Darkness | Smile Jamaica 1

Cornell Bunting – Escaping the Darkness | Smile Jamaica


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  1. Oh boy here we go again with this religious foolishness! I know so many people that was clinically dead and non of them have a imaginary friend called sweet Jesus!

    1. @DEHOME SAUNDERS YAHUSHA is YAHUAH lol talk about brainwashing all religious verbal diarrhea! Religion especially Christianity is just a money making business plain and simple and Christianity has destroyed every civilization that came into contact with them u offers no historical or physical evidence just belief and faith , that type of foolishness doesn’t exist in the real world!

    2. @Page One HALALU-YAH brethren am in no farm of religious organization not apart of the beast system we set apart from all world religion lies,governments delusion and doctrines of man and their tradition pagan practices,we don’t trust in man we speak truth and warning the mass to return to the truth and the light which is the Torah Messi-YAH YAHUSHA the living WORD which means I am your deliverer, we need to repent turn from lawlessness, keep his commandments love our neighbors as our self keep his shabbat rev:12:17,Hebrew 4 ect and be immerse in his name Acts2:38 this is not my opinion it’s The truth let’s study to find ourselves approved everything we were thought growing was a lie from in the school religion history ect it’s all about been free from mystery Babylon and come out of her my people less not we be apart of her plague

  2. Person speaking God have his way of moving us from good to great. Sometimes we’re in position we become so comfortable in become we’re making money life is good and everything seems to be going well. But most time that is not the calling/purpose God have on our lives. Not everyone would be able to survive what he have been through but that is God way of directing you to your true purpose and it look like he’s fulfilling his calling by empowering other with his books. I will most definitely be purchasing one soon, God bless him and his family.

  3. Good afternoon br Cornell . God has taken you through yr go- through and did for you what ” No man had care to do ” Delivered with upward mobility in to SUCCESS so make sure you don’t fail Him now , in heeding to man- made mandatory security. Let God continue to be yr guide and counselor

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