1. Max Brooks did with World War Z. The parallels despite it being a zombie book are rather interesting to see as I’m reading it again.

      USA’s response in the book are very similar to Covid-19. The promotion of Hydroxichloroquine, the downplay of the virus due to re-election concerns, the complete failure in response despite warnings and USA being “da bestest” and the amount of disinformation that occurs due to a corrupt society, media and political system. Rather quite fascinating.

    2. William Burgess Your brother would be filing bankruptcy otherwise so be happy. BTW why doesn’t he have healthinsurance?

    3. @Chic Noir29 . He’s diabetic & lost all his toes, thus losing his job & insurance. But that dosen’t make falsifying a claim ok. It’s illegal. I have some friends that didnt want to lose their vacation time. Boss put it through Covid 19. They got vacation via taxpayers.

    4. paul herring SMH if only we followed South Korea’s lead and advised everyone to wear a mask from the beginning.

    1. Pinkie Mitchell Again where is the positive that outweighs the negative definitely not with pinky

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  1. Well I live in NYC, at one point we were the “epicenter” of coronavirus cases in the USA, but thankfully we’ve shown great improvement in cases, tho’ ofcourse corona is still around!

    1. But the virus did run its course before the city came under control..anyway everyone’s glad that the numbers are going down. E÷÷vrr

    2. @TheMightyByron No. NY had the worst outbreak because it’s one of the most populated states, most of cases came from NYC alone. NYC is the largest city in U.S. with over 9 million residents and has a lot of residents near each other, hence a wider spread of a contagious virus. I’ll admit, Cuomo did the worse job when he decided to put sick elderly people in nursing homes of healthy people.

      However, you putting NY and declaring that the Democrats are in the bad when in fact NY has now eased the spread of COVID while numerous *REPUBLICAN* states cases spike everyday. Also, I’m sorry, but I forgot what party insisted on reopening and had even a Lt. Gov say that he’d risk his and elderly’s people’s lives to save the economy?

    1. I didn’t know what a judge was. I looked it up and she is the first female judge. She is only 29! Crazy.

  2. Just look at NY State sitting comfortably in the green after being the hardest hit state in the nation. PROOF that intervention and listening to the health experts works! Who knew?

    1. No, you know what worked there? Herd immunity. The states hit hardest early are receding daily. Its not that hard to understand

    2. @Derek Martinko Herd immunity??? Just look at Sweden: that is what they thought and now they regret it.

    3. It’s not heard immunity when less then 20% of the population of nys has had it and recovered from it. For heard immunity to work you need at least 65% of the new york state population to have it and recovered from it. As a New Yorker I can assure you we are following the rules staying put and moving slowly.

    4. Virus will be back. Just wait. I’m sure you’ll love round two of shutdowns just like Hong Kong this week. Watch – Manipulating America: The Chinese Communist Playbook

  3. May States mocked Andrew Cuomo and he got no help when he needed it …. Shoe is on the other foot now.

    1. God, it’s good to be a New Yorker right now. Especially with people who know what they’re doing in charge.

    2. For answers watch – Manipulating America: The Chinese Communist Playbook (Cuomo is allowing the Chinese takeover and he killed seniors lol)

    3. You are so stupid. The government opened the Javits Center in NY and sent the Hope ship and was never used by Cuomo

    1. Hosea Pigram – We should have never left it, though it’s really tough when you need to be able to work to care for your family.

    2. @jdstep97 yes, I’m still waiting for my share of the 500,000,000,000 trump was given to help us all out.

  4. I’ve been saying this for some time now, re-opening now is just premature. This is going to backfire on business, local, state and federal leaders real bad.

    1. There have been large protest in every state in this country yet States like Texas and Florida who opened way earlier than other states have the biggest rise in coronavirus cases? Explain that to me

    2. The protests started AFTER states started opening back up. To be honest, as soon as protests started happening I knew that people would blame them as a way to ignore the spread that is happening due to the idiotic easing of restrictions. It all contributes, regardless of the color of your hat.

    1. No, but positive people need to be in isolation to help prevent the spread.. or it’s going to continue to get worse.

      That’s what the idiot tRump does not get🙄🙄🙄😠

  5. I seen this coming when they wanted to reopen the state. We are the only country not taking action against the virus

  6. “If you want something said, ask a man; If you want something done, ask a woman.” ~Margaret Thatcher

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