Coronavirus Crisis Compounded By Job Loss, Uninsured Rate | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. My question is how can 37% still approve of what he is doing to the American people? Don’t they know he is hurting them also?

    1. @Mungo Munro Not families but corporations, I didn’t see the Sopranos on the list. You know how corporations work don t you? They have share holder’s so I guess I own 2 or 3 msm outlets, I’ll contact my brokerage firm and get back with you, hold my beer while you hold your breath.

    2. @Just Say’n dont be goofy.
      Families like the rothschilds and Rockefellers and you know it.
      So mad your evil queen didn’t get to finish destroying our nation that your golden god tried his damndest to do for eight long miserable years that you’ve lost your ability to think for yourself.
      Liberal hivemind. So just go on hating every day of your life that president Trump is MAGA .
      Do you really hate him more than you love America?
      Of course you do.
      All I’ve got left to say is, ,
      TRUMP2020 by the biggest landslide victory in the history of America.

    3. @Phrozin If you step outside your social media bubble, you’d find MILLIONS of people who don’t want to be doxxed, assaulted, fired, for have their property vandalized because they vote for Trump…so they keep quiet. Remember me in November.

    1. Trump claims no testing means no Cases. So by Trump’s logic if there is no Russian 🇷🇺 interference in our Elections, then no rigged Elections ? See Donald Trumps Irony?

    2. @Ash Roskell The sinking of the CDC and stats from the DHHS instead will show Reds doing well and Blues hit hard

      The head of DHHS, the Admiral, downplays Covid19.
      Now that hospitals/health workers have to report to DHHS and bypass the CDC I bet they’ll fix the numbers. People may not know if there’s a hot spot where they live, the infection rate or deaths.
      Trump wants to open schools, get people back to work to boost the economy and have his indoor rallies to feed off of his followers.
      He doesn’t give a $hit about peoples welfare, health or lives. Including those who adore him.

    1. I know right.
      It’s more like 80 percent approve.
      These hate all things Trump channels just tell the left what they want to hear.

  2. Instead of having a Clorox meltdown a couple of months back, Bunker Boy should’ve taken precautions to contain the “fake virus”.

  3. If only everyone had locked down at the same time …Having some states lock down and some states not locked down is like having a peeing section in a swimming pool.

    1. New York was riddled with covid19 until they “locked-down”. Now their numbers have continued to drop. It says a lot about their leadership and New Yorkers doing their part. It can be done ✅. The problem has been with these red states who, are run by Governors who are ill-equipped, did not “lockdown” properly and opened way too early without putting in safety procedures !!

    2. Trump is a trash pumping the swamp into the pool 🏊‍♀️ 💩 , “I want to see everyone in a mask 😷 and not on a ventilator” Biden 2020 make America safe and free again


  5. It seems that Republicans are pro-birth, but not pro-life. How can anyone support Trump’s handling of the pandemic?

    1. you cant reopen anything if it never closed in the first place. most incompetent response on the Planet.

  6. His numbers are still too high. He’s sabotaging our pandemic response on purpose & 140k ppl have died. WTF is going on in America that anyone thinks he has been even a little acceptable???😳

    1. I’m not positive but I honestly think many of the pro trump people enjoy watching the chaos suffering. They just don’t care. I’m in Georgia & I personally don’t know anyone who still supports him. Shocking it took this long for people to see the danger. He is like a bootleg Kim Jong IL with zero love of country. Scary times.

    2. @Heather Hent444 Well it’s good to hear that at least some of his supporters are coming to their senses. It’s sad that it had to be a pandemic to do it.

  7. It is amazing that 37% of the nation are so ignorant. It should be that all 100% believe science and that Covid 19 is a deadly virus, don’t they watch the world news, I guess no. Shame on their ignorance.

    1. This former U.S. health insurance exec says he lied to Americans about Canadian health care:
      Wendell Potter says the stark differences in how Canada and the U.S. are weathering the COVID-19 pandemic compelled him to speak out once more about the lies he says he peddled to Americans when he worked as a private insurance executive.
      Potter used to be the communications vice-president of Cigna, a U.S. insurance company. Now he leads an organization called Medicare for All Now.
      “We told the Americans that the Canadian system was not the system that we should have anything to do with, that it was “socialized medicine.” We used that term repeatedly to try to get people to be afraid of the Canadian system.
      We exaggerated and misinformed people about waits. I’m very familiar with the waits that you have to, in many cases, have in Canada for elective procedures. But we wanted people to have the impression that if you have an emergency or if you have any need for medical care, that you were put on a long waiting list.
      And it’s to try to make people think that Canadians don’t like their health-care system and that doctors don’t like it and that people are coming across the border in droves to get care in the U.S. So we tried to create that perception and to make people think that’s really the way the Canadian system is.
      This pandemic has really opened the eyes of a lot more people to just how our health-care system puts so many people at a disadvantage.
      More than 40 million people have lost their jobs in this country and many, many of those have also lost their health insurance for themselves and their families.
      People are beginning to wake up that our system is fundamentally structured in a way that causes so much harm to so many people and is very insecure. So I think that this is something that we’re enduring that will have lasting effect and prompt Americans to be more supportive of sweeping health-care reforms.
      I’ll regret slandering Canada’s system for the rest of my life.”
      source: portions take from

    2. Free health care like Canada ❤️ “I want to see everyone in a mask 😷 and not on a ventilator” Biden 2020 make America safe and free again

  8. How is a virus SO DANGEROUS you have to let people out of prison but safe enough to send our babies back to school?

    1. @Jyv Ben also pack lunches. That would also save on school budget if you make the parents pack their kids lunches

    2. @ShaggNasty younger teacher may live at home, his/her parents get it,
      dropping of children if the parents can still afford to have a car …

    3. @ShaggNasty and parents that have no money for this ? why save on school budget, is that a priority ?

    4. @Jyv Ben if you dont have money for stuff like that your probably on stamps anyway so you should be able to afford food. The reason to save on school budget is so you can use that money to bring in a younger teacher or substitute even so watch the class while an actual teacher teaches. You could even have bus drivers do it since half of their job is to monitor anyway.

    5. @Jyv Ben if they live with elderly people or those with compromised immune systems they shouldn’t do the job then.

  9. 37% ONLY. there is no only about that. Its insane. How can people approve of abject failure.

    1. @Trump 2020 _ So you approve of someone who has taken six months, and over one hundred and thirty five thousand deaths to reluctantly put on a mask, whilst disagreeing with Dr. Fauci? What qualifications does Trump have to even QUESTION technicalities with a virologist?

    2. Remember that there are cults where leader literally tells his followers to drink poison and they actually do it.

    3. @Trump 2020 _ yes comrade and your cult leader is destroying America and making a mockery of the justice system. Your response? DemocRAT this is your counter! Your pithy comeback. Please. Put the methpipe down, turn off fox news and climb back on your sister/mother. Go forth and multiply.

  10. Trump is not “handling” the pandemic. He is “handing” the American people TO the pandemic.

    1. @Roger Wilco Thanks for the morning chuckle, but it’s difficult to say how long it will take to repair the damage this administration has done. But I do like your optimism.

  11. The shocking news here is that Trump has more than a 1% approval rating.
    The one percent being the amount of sociopaths that are in the population.

  12. Interesting that the “President” will use his power to issue threats to schools, yet not use the SAME power to enforce CDC health guidelines…or ANY health guidelines!!!! And YET people still support him!!!

  13. Who, “approves,” of trump’s handling? He treats every act of sanity, as a direct act of, “defiance,” against him personally! It doesn’t occur to trump that people are trying to SAVE LIVES? Many thousands of unnecessary DEATHS. THAT’S ON TRUMP

  14. 37% of American voters approve of him? Truly it is impossible to overrate the stupidity prevalent in American society…

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