Coronavirus explained: Why tracking the deadly disease is a huge challenge | Just The FAQs

Coronavirus explained: Why tracking the deadly disease is a huge challenge | Just The FAQs 1


    1. They are a noob only 6000 infected and we are already working on a cure shouldnt have gotten symptoms this early

  1. And more complications arises, the need for a Coronavirus vaccine comes at the worst time during the flu season. What if the possibility of an interchangeable mutation or genetic swap with influenza A and B? We should definitely be concerned.

    1. it is easy for you to say, but world today is no longer able to tolerate any huge quarantine and it’s like the will of the corona virus to mutate through infection. I hope we can come up with a better cure, right now this virus is just not that deadly yet(most deaths are old people and people with other diseases and possible immunity problems)

  2. Why do so many viruses originate from China ? Does poor hygiene play a role in this or is it biological warfare ?

    1. It’s from a market that sold wild animals like bats and snakes. It’s their culture but I think it should be illegal to sell animals like that.

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  4. What a fourth-wall break, most of us are aware of the Plague Inc. player behind Coronavirus.

  5. Omg please don’t tell me this is the new plague that’s gonna kill all of us because there is no vaccination 🤦🏼‍♀️

  6. Didn’t it come from a lab in Wuhan that deals with biowarfare? I think I read a chinese person brought it in from Canada but mishandled it and this is the result. To cover their tracks they are blaming the market…… Think about it. Would they tell you the truth in this case?

  7. I feel like the corona virus is from food market. Cause they eat anything like bats, wolfs and other animals.

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