Coronavirus Has Disproportionate Impact On Disabled, Says Advocate | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Coronavirus Has Disproportionate Impact On Disabled, Says Advocate | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. @Spunn Center And I’m a “classic Generation x beast system puppet”. What? explain what you mean.

    2. In fact, don’t bother because you don’t even know yourself, this is just delusional madness and you are lost. Can’t be bothered because you don’t even have a direction.

    3. Mine too! And I’m a guy who doesn’t get emotional so easily. This woman is an inspiration to us all.

  1. We do have the same kind of various issues with covid and disabled people in France, especially regarding access and right to fair care. (That’s the most important aspect).
    On the other hand, many people with disabilities find live under covid easier than “people”: being used to isolation already, to get things done under special and trying circumstances, being more adaptive and flexible…

    1. It might look easy, but we had to fight for our rights to get there. Society doesn’t accept those who are different. This is the exception to be proud of your privilege.

  2. “I don’t need to overcome my deaf/blindness.”

    Wow, that is an incredible statement that gave me a new perspective. Disabled people do not need to overcome their disabilities.

    1. How can you overcome blindness when you can’t just go and buy some eyesight but one deals with it the best they can in a world where most that can see are to ignorant to understand

    2. @Jaak Savat
      My opinion is it’s not for the blind person to overcome their blindness but for other people to see it and understand it I have two disable sons my 12 year old son cannot read or write his own name or remember his own address that is for other people to overcome his disability he knows he’s disabled it’s for other people to knot disparage him for it

    3. @Jaak Savat
      No No no
      Please don’t
      The more we’re able to listen to each other and learn from each other that’s how things change I appreciate you listen and I appreciated your point of view as well thank you

    4. Society likes to pretend disabled people exist. If you’re different in any way, you’re shunned. It really isn’t about our overcoming. I love how we are inspirations, but we also don’t have a choice. It’s the connections along the way to get you to where you are in life. That isn’t just for the disabled 😉

  3. She is a beacon of humanity, thank you Haben for your strength when so many of us “normies” fail !

  4. Imagine the strong and healthy people refuse to wear a mask and stay at home while these disabled have to live even harder.

  5. It is incredible for a woman like Ms. Girma to have made it to where she is in a country like the US. Incredible.

  6. She is amazing!!! She is smart, articulate, and such as positive success with so much against her but YET she succeeded. She is a an example to many regular people who should take her led and do the same thing!!!!

  7. A great interview, as a blind person I can say the most important thing she said was that she didn’t overcome her disability she overcame the low expectations people have of those with disabilities. People should stop being impressed that a deaf blind woman graduated Harvard law, it’s impressive when someone graduates Harvard law, she happens to be a deaf blind woman which makes her schooling more difficult but that’s because of the system in place where accessibility is not a priority but something that gets looked at as an afterthought if at all.

    1. There are different degrees of deafness. It’s actually fairly rare for someone to be completely without hearing. People who acquire a spoken language as a child will also retain much of that verbal ability even if they become deaf later in life.

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