Coronavirus Keeps Outpacing Donald Trump’s Low-Balling | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @Bud Fudlacker Only trump supporters are protesting the virus. This is easily provable because they are literally the only people that have been recorded protesting the lockdown. 🙂

    2. @H.P Lovecat I seen thousands of democrat arsonists and looters screaming preventing the coronavirus is RACIST! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    1. Lee Taylore I shall believe it when I see it. I am 63. Hope God keeps me alive. Election results start coming in 12 or 1pm Nov 4th Kiwi time.

      Auckland. NZ

    1. @joe you mean when he ordered peaceful protests teargassed and then walked behind about 100-200 armed police and secret service agents across the street to a church he wasnt welcome at?

    2. Earl Hawkins he’s still not doing much about the rioting. He’s calling for military action rather than listening to the fact that people in this country are calling for civil rights. If he wants to stop them from rioting, he will listen to them and make changes accordingly. He is the president, of the people, not of the republicans. In an ideal world, our current leader would be indiscriminate with his support. Sadly we live in a world where the president only cares about the people who voted republican, and he will only listen to the people who voted republican.

    1. I totally agree with you on this… i made a music video called ‘Putins Toy’… i think you would appreciate. Its on my channel

  1. His teachers in school, if he ever went there, must have been questioning their sanity once they reached the safety of their homes.

  2. (6 months later)
    trump: we’ll be at 1 million or 1.5
    the number just keeps going up

  3. It’s almost like the president is being given bad information by so called “experts”.

    1. Timay he united the country with his famous speeches while trump has kept us divided since he entered office there’s your proofs

  4. we will be at 2 to 3 million. I said 3 two month ago? I meant 5 million, everyone know I knew it will get this hight because my uncle went to MIT 😂🤣 trump is a joke.

  5. Media last month: Stay home, save lives.
    Media today: BLACK POWER! Protest in the streets!
    The media isn’t neutral and will do anything it can to push a political agenda

  6. If stats stayed the same, that would mean that we are all robots. I heard on “World News Tonight” with David Muir, that those numbers are higher and hospitals are going into emergency mode. They may have to shut us down again.


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