Coronavirus Kills 4 More In Washington State, Bringing Total To 6 | MSNBC

Four more people have died from the virus in Washington state, public health officials announced Monday. The latest deaths bring the total to six in the state and in the United States. 93 cases have been confirmed in the U.S., and at least 9 patients have recovered. Aired on 03/02/20.
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Coronavirus Kills 4 More In Washington State, Bringing Total To 6 | MSNBC


    1. @Marcus Oconnor if everyone who had a little common sense ran, it’d be a pretty crowded field.

    2. @allie mpz no they’re not! Sure they may not know the origins of the disease, but they sure as heck know how to prevent spread. Hint, it doesn’t involve calling it a hoax and pretending nothing is happening.

  1. Well that was stupid. The doctor could have been very clear that sick people, even if they’re mildly sick, STAY HOME. Geezus.

    1. @Kshir Sagar where are you getting that figure? A quick Google search gives the estimate at 14000. No one can be immunised against the coronavirus, plenty are from the flu. By the way, no one is immune, and the virus is at least 20 times more deadly.

    2. Terry Melvin okay, so your explanation as to why you believe the Democratic Party is behind a pandemic, is that news networks are slandering our republican presidents response to it.. yeah you’re right, that certainly _doesnt_ make you sound more insane.

    3. @car. A
      While the impact of flu varies, it places a substantial burden on the health of people in the United States each year. CDC estimates that influenza has resulted in between 9 million – 45 million illnesses, between 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 – 61,000 deaths annually since 2010.

  2. Seems like a high death rate against numbers diagnosed. Suspicion: MANY thousands carrying the virus in U.S.

    1. Cost of Coronavirus Test in America $3100 . In Canada, Europe , Australia , New Zealand Russia , China and Iran NO COST

    1. Meanwhile in Canada we would be covered! USA needs to work on their priorities. Human needs! Jeez. Get it together.

    2. lindus jones so you’re telling me that you and the stranger you defend, who jumped at the opportunity to insult me with “sad ignorant and dumb” for wanting the same universal healthcare enjoyed by 32 of 33 highly developed nations on earth, are interested in engaging in a civil debate in the YouTube comment section to possibly change your mind? Give me a break.

    3. That is just to find out if you have it. People get fired if they don’t go to work, so how does one self quarantine?

    1. People are dying and you want to talk about his collar. Let’s talk about it in a week when you are sick in a hospital and this doctor comes to rescue with a same clothing with crooked tie. And then you can talk to his mother and him about this clothing.

    2. TheCancer833 … but jesus man… look at his collar… it looks like he scooped it out of bozo’s clown chest accidentally and dressed in the dark and used a dirty spoon for a mirror before headin out to save lives…..

  3. Funny how this first cluster in Washington is remarkably close to where that 1st confirmed US case was located…

    1. @wendy tiesing Is there any topic that you can talk about without bringing up Trump or is that just a side effect of the uh, ya know… syndrome?

    2. @Judy Leo Well if he would finally stop saying & doing absolutely moronic things (like disolving & defunding disease expert teams couple years ago), I’m sure most people would be more than happy to ignore him.

    3. @Judy Leo There is certainly no topic or subject where Trump does not try to take all the credit, like talking about how he contained the virus, or denies responsibility, blaming the press for fake news or Democrats trying to make him look bad. It’s UNFAIR!

  4. I can not believe the doctor said that no medical attention is needed for mild symptoms.!
    The person will spread virus everywhere..

    1. Exactly. Here acting as if hundreds dint just drop dead like flies in many counties around the world. He’s a lying and yes if you get this virus, you will need hospitalization. Duh 😧

    2. @Hong Shi we are all family members my friends we are the Human family of planet Earth. Guess no one told you 😑

    3. @tjampman it’s not that simple, hun 😧 this virus kills 200 times more than our come Flu. To be exact, the flu kills on average 0.1 percent of us Humans living here on Earth. Are you following me? Okay here come the hard reality. This Covid-19 virus kills a lil bit over 2.0 percent of us whom are misfortune to have caught the virus. Do your home work and don’t be a part of the ” it’s the flu” delusional slags. Knowledge is power.

    4. @Queen Yes, we all families, but if your own family members and your ‘other’ family members are both sick, and you only have one pill who will you give the pill to?
      If your parent and kids and some stranger both sick and there is one test kit, who will you give the test kit to?
      Human are generally not evil, human is just generally selfish, that’s all.

  5. If you survive make sure all medical bills are to be paid by federal government do not let them charge your insurance
    The federal government made this mistake they need to pay for the bills and suffering

    1. Exactly what mistake did the federal government make, Scot? The CCP of communist China made many mistakes and the House Dems forced a shampeachment thereby tying up the Senate until Feb. 05. A pandemic preparedness bill with funding was passed in 2017. The federal government executed its part. It paid states and hospitals. Many but not all complied despite being paid. The Trump administration was on the situation no later than mid January 2020 and stopped the receipt of all flights from communist China on Jan. 31 as it issued a presidential proclamation. Quarantines were started for the first time in 50 years. The development of test kits has gone though more than one iteration to get it right.

    2. @Karl K American flu kills ten thousands of men. And it’s nothing. And now only a few people die. Why we should care so much? It’s not a big deal!

  6. I pray that my immune systems good enough to fight it off if I’m unfortunate enough to catch it…

    1. Avoid public washroom, public water fountains, avoid public spaces, use hand sanitizers and drink lots of water… You should be good👌

  7. I can imagine a lot of big pharma and the medical profession are going to make massive profits with this virus.

    1. Last week in Australia on the Sydney stock exchange a funeral business, Invocare, was the only ASX200 listed company to finish the week with a high note. Every other listed company lost value. The funeral business is a living thriving trade.

  8. You can criticize the federal or local government without it being partisan. As of now, almost NO politician is doing anything discernible. Still no test kits or adequate testing, all information is coming from a local level-but y’all are arguing back and forth like this is a Democrat/Republican situation??? Why is South Korea testing ten thousand people a day and the US doesn’t have training or test kits? Oh, it’s because of the politician/party you don’t like. Bunch of sheep. Two sides of the same deadly coin.

    1. But it’s going to disappear by April,it’s another democratic hoax it’ll be gone don’t worry

  9. I want a terminology change it shouldn’t be “9 recovered” it should be “9 no longer showing symptoms”. Those patients can catch it again and it not yet know if they can’t pass it on after getting better.

    1. Recovered from what since nobody is tested. Some cases of supposed “recovered” patients in China and Japan are back in hospital testing positive

  10. We are our own worst enemy.

    The three biggest threats we face as humans:
    3. Plagues

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