1. @Captain Kirk yeah and everything she says is truth too just because it’s in a book? Hmm right. Trump is just a human being you give him power like a God

    2. @Captain Kirk I’m independent I don’t disagree that those countries have a more unified mindset, I do however know that both the democrats and republicans have turned a pandemic into a political civil war to distract people from everything. You think an election is going to change what happens to the virus? That’s why I can’t take any of you seriously anymore. The blind leading the blind

    3. @Jerry Jojo every leader of every country did better than he did. He called it a hoax. You defend that? You are INNRED

  1. Jake just told him what he needs to do and he’s like, “tell me what we need to do and we will do it.” It goes out the other ear.

    1. that’s the norm of this administration the only thing they give is conspiracy theories not base on any facts or anything like that

    2. @Morning Sky i was thinking the same thing in these press briefings the press needs to sacrifice one meeting come together and get 1 full concrete answer especially pertaining corona virus… the lady has a book I’m inclined to believe they have the reporters give hem the questions that are going to be asked before they ask them so as to give their base the impression of preparedness… this is all on the media for failing to conduct professional journalism the past 2 decades instead choosing to glorify gossip and sexual relationships unless its rape i do not care who a politician has sex with anymore i want that and religion out already

    3. Lesley Ann Your so tired like Dementia Joe! Zero Attention Span You Should “Listen To Your Voter Registration Physician” for a Magic Warn to Fill the Empty Cupboard!

  2. “there was literally not one swab in the stockpile from the last admin.”
    Didn’t you have 3.5 years to stock it?

    1. @adsotbraz it’s a shame you won’t do the right thing to get your life back to normal and would prefer to spin falsehoods as a way of coping with your issues instead of dealing with them. Good luck to you in your rehabilitation, I can see it being long and fruitless

    2. @Demonrat Slayer was 3.5 years not enough? 44 previous presidents had no issues. DT should have stocked the shelves instead of golfing.
      Do all you repub loon’s obsess over Obama and Hilary, then project onto others? It’s actually pitiful.

    3. @Michael Marceau I didn’t say it wasn’t enough, I said the previous admin had 8 and they didn’t do it either. “44 previous pres had no issues”? LOL!! Wow, at what grade did you quit school? Oh, and I’m not a Rep, neither did I vote for Trump. Also, do you see anything about Hillary in my comment? You all sound alike, you all say the same things. You’re just another robot with mindless rambling!

    4. The FACTS: The company dealing with the STOCKPILE was PAID BY OBAMA but they were stalled in production by FDA APPROVAL. By the time approval came it was TRUMP’S White House [about 2018.] Pres. Trump DISMANTLED THE PANDEMIC TEAM, fired 2000 and is *QUOTED as saying if they are needed again, he will rehire them.*
      🔹 *THEN, this company, which was PAID BY TAXPAYERS MONEY WAY BACK FROM OBAMA’S days, finally produced the STOCKPILE, but they SOLD IT TO CHINA in about February, when Trump minimalised the need in America. When confronted, they said they WERE OFFERED MORE MONEY. Plus they said they had NO INTENTION TO REPLACE IT at that time!😲 ie They TOOK TAXPAYER’S money, DID NOT PROVIDE the EQUIPMENT and this administration was busy blaming Obama, so no OUTRAGE over such CHICANERY was exhibited.*
      🔹There needs to be penalties for political blunders and overspending, like a referendum or something. I PERSONALLY know of FRONTLINE WORKERS REUSING MASKS & people have stated they got #COVID19 & hospitals refused to test them. Smh. #ThisIsAmerica
      #Stockpile #FactCheck

  3. “Most companies do not need DPA on them because they’re highly motivated to stop the pandemic,”

    1. Great song. I’ve been listening to Billy Idols “Eye without a face” as I go int the grocery store.

  4. Untrue statement: here in AZ you cannot get a test if you need it. Still having to “schedule” or walk in at an urgent care.

    1. Vincent Leoni
      he’s criticising him stupid 🙄
      this man’s actions doesn’t align to what’s happening right now(science)
      he’s making lies and excuses(politics)
      Ffs reading comprehension

    2. Dementia Joe Is Politician He is a disgrace to Democracy! ” You should listen to Your Voter Registration Physician”

    3. He is an excellent doctor and he is doing a great job in an unprecedented pandemic. Fredo thinks he knows more than the Dr.

    1. @LB Sambo the truth is over 148,000 people have died in a short time and are still losing their lives as we speak.

    2. Definity Not Lining Up With Anarchist and Young Radical Lefties Spreading the Chaina Virus – ALL Dem Rat Instigated to Cause Misery!
      Vote For DementIa Joe who has No Magic Warn for anything!

  5. WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU. IT IS NOT PUT TO REST. Aren’t we tired of listening to these ‘people’ lie to us? I am.

    1. @leoeoeoeoe because there hypocritical. You don’t catch covid When you go out all night rioting & looting.. but if you go to church then covid’s all up in there.🤷🏻‍♀️

    2. @Jason Garcia OMG, reopen carefully is what he is promoting,,, have a plan. Man, if the country stays shut down, we are gone, history, it will eventually destroy us. Do you know anything about economics? What are you going to do when people are breaking into your home looking for food. What are you going to do to keep the temptation of breaking into someone’s home for food? Wake up, man. I know by your name that you’re young. What we see in Chicago, Seatle and Portland is a walk in the park compared to what could be. You have a lot to learn my friend, you’ll get there.

    3. @leoeoeoeoe Because they have listened to so many lies from the media about the Trump, to the point that they don’t respect anything anyone of the admin says. They let the media do the thinking for them.

  6. I’d like to know how what jurisdictions they’ve been supplying relief funding and support to.

    1. @Philly Phil RELIEF is CODE for elimination, extraction, consumption of……. us. Financial as well as getting the “fix” high. Please start noticing the same words we hear over and over. They are ALL CODE.

    1. There’s a reason why rich people are buying bunkers and shelters. Even Trump hid in a bunker when the protest started. Almost like they know something we don’t 🤨

    2. @Laureen Mwangi yeah, people launching fireworks into dudes front lawn.

      or did your leftist media forget to mention that there was potential threat to the presidents life?

  7. This guy is as believable as when they say ‘ this isn’t going to hurt’ he is not even close to being believable

  8. The question is not: “what else you need to do?”, it should be: “why is it not working?” There is a disconnect between the actions and results, that should prompt the government to re-examine their approaches to this!!! It’s broken!

    1. 10.2m billion dollar… we lost more than 5+trillion dollars cuse of covid-19…why not invest 200 or 300 billion and get the covid under control and people could fo back to work…. we would have been like S.Korea with no large cuses due to testing and contact tracein…. I feel like all the money goes into their pockets.

  9. It’s so hard to see your country as the most powerful one in the world when you are so weak in health issues.

  10. Tapper: “Can you say “talks in circles…?”
    Giroir: “…say what…?”
    Tapper: “…and what’s with that .27 fraction in the Turnaround…?”
    Giroir: “…say what…?”

    1. @eltorocal you know that song? Turn around
      Every now and then i get a little bit something something something something

    2. @eltorocal trust me I am paying attention. These are serious times. I just needed a break from being so serious. Every time I hear the words turn atound I think of that song and that movie it was in that I can’t remember the name of ATM.

    1. Breaking News: If State or City Governments mandate masks be worn then such entities shall provide certified C-19 masks, at least 4 per day, supply cleaning facilities and disposable facilities. Such spent certified masks must be labelled Hazardous Bio waste therefore illegal to dispose of masks in the streets or household garbage. Contact your Mayor’s or Governor’s offices for more details.

    2. More is Needed! the Deme Rat Fooking Anachist keep speaeding the China Virus! Young Radical Lefties

    1. President donald jhon trump was been going see visiting China and get covit 19 . That is not blame obama .is still blame president donald jhon trump beaucse president donald did want going see visiting China his very fault up . No blame Obama .no me .is not let president donald jhon trump going in White House. President donald jhon trump did feeling trump very very shame shame now now . Let let president donald jhon trump would ready leave in white House soon

  11. “Everyone should be wearing a mask”.

    Then why not have a mandate for the wearing of masks?

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