'Corrupt and incompetent': NYC Board of Elections slammed for unforced error 1

‘Corrupt and incompetent’: NYC Board of Elections slammed for unforced error


CNN's John Avlon, Athena Jones and Harry Enten rips the New York City Board of Elections after they threw New York City's mayoral primary into chaos by counting test ballots.
On Tuesday, the City Board of Elections released new numbers that suggested Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams' lead in the Democratic primary had narrowed in the first set of tabulated ranked-choice voting results. Former Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia, in this preliminary count, had nearly closed the gap, giving Adams a two-point lead.
But within hours of the new figures coming online, the board backtracked — following questions from the Adams campaign and others — and acknowledged a "discrepancy" in its counting process. It subsequently removed the data from its website. Late Tuesday night, the body put out another statement, this time revealing it had mistakenly included 135,000 test vote records in the initial tally. The count will be re-run once the slate is cleared.
"Board staff has removed all test ballot images from the system and will upload election night results, cross-referencing against election night reporting software for verification," the BOE said through its Twitter account. "The cast vote record will be re-generated and the RCV rounds will be re-tabulated."
The mess amounted to a realization of many New Yorkers' well-founded worries over the board's capacity to competently manage the ranked-choice system, which is making its citywide debut. The BOE has a rotten reputation in the city and is widely regarded as a hub for political patronage jobs. Tuesday's count was, in itself, a dry run ahead of the final count, which will not take place for weeks, as absentee ballots are cross-checked and, in some cases, cured if voters respond to notices about minor errors.
In flubbing the exercise, the board also risked handing additional fodder to right-wingers in states and municipalities across the country, who might now seek to parlay the error into momentum for suppressive new voting laws.

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    1. @Brandon Smith There was no investigation into the 2020 election. If you have over 2000 sworn affidavits and none investigated. Yea right. There was even video evidence. Coming to light, GA, no chain of custody for many thousand ballots? Bill Barr part of that deep state, crooked and corrupt federal DOJ, lazy personnel. Cmon man, seriously. Blue states constantly having issues. Elections run by democrats are questionable; Iowa??

    2. @Kevin O’Connor Um yes there were, Trump ordered it and Barr oversaw it. Stop denying reality. And now you’re ranting and raving nonsense that is manufactured lies and garbage. You know you sound completely insane trying to weasel your way out of reality, right? When you are faced with the truth, you have to conjure up some fairy tale delusion that contradicts reality. It’s nice to see that you are such a blind fanatical cultist for a corrupt businessman and FORMER president of the United States. Biden won. Get over it.

    3. 1. Fauci ensured the Wuhan lab was funded. https://nypost.com/2021/05/25/fauci-admits-nih-funding-of-wuhan-lab-denies-gain-of-function/
      2. Election laws were changed by Democrats. https://ballotpedia.org/Changes_to_election_dates,_procedures,_and_administration_in_response_to_the_coronavirus_(COVID-19)_pandemic,_2020_and_administration_in_response_to_the_coronavirus_(COVID-19)_pandemic,_2020 Democrats manipulated dominion voting machines and software.
      3.Democrats used Dominion to manipulate ballots. Anyone with half a brain knows damn well that Biden never really earned 81 million votes. https://rumble.com/vbas2t-smoking-gun-dominion-transferring-vote-ratios-between-precincts-in-pa.-by-e.html
      4. This 17 page affidavit proves that Democrats used China and Iran to manipulate votes during the 2020 Presidential Election. Democrats can run but they can’t hide from facts and reality. https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.mied.350905/gov.uscourts.mied.350905.1.15.pdf

    4. @Brandon Smith Its all good. Barr said he didnt do anything, check out his recent interview. He went against Trump. But no worries, sweat a little, see what the outcome is of these ongoing audits. Truth shall reveal itself, as Trump predicted.

    5. @Kevin O’Connor  “to date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.”- Bill Barr. Also Barr allowed US attorneys across the nation to pursue any “substantial allegations” of voting irregularities in the 2020 election. They came back with nothing. So here’s the deal, either Barr (who has been a lapdog for Trump very early on) was a traitor….which there is no evidence of besides butthurt right wingers on the internet, or he gave attorneys across the country a weapon to use against Biden and they couldn’t use it because there was no evidence to use it on. It can’t be both. You guys need to find a better writer to come up with this trash, because all of you screaming conspiracies, delusions and fantasies at once is hurting your case more than helping. You all resemble lunatics due to this nonsense. What audit? Oh you mean the fraudit in Arizona? The fraudit that won’t change a damn thing about the 2020 election? I’m not sweating anything, I’m enjoying the absolute lunacy that the political right in America has been caught up in. There is no truth, you’re not scary with your “cryptic veiled” and pseudo ominous threats. Nothing is going to happen. Please don’t quit your day job and for the love of God never write any piece of fiction. You guys suck at it.

    1. @Beatrix Kiddo Because they don’t live on the same planet with the rest of us. They called almost in unison for defunding and abolishing the police. Police all over are standing down, quiting and/or retiring. Crime is skyrocketing all over, particularly in major democrat populated cities… and guess who they are saying are responsible for defunding the police now? These people shouldn’t just be fired. They need frontier justice to make a comeback.

    2. @Regulatory Affairs um it was not for doing nothing.
      ITS FOR BEING AN AMERICAN! But its okay for our government to promise every BIG CORPERATION MONIES, TAX BREAKS, SPECIAL FUNDING while the people that the least monies the people have to flip the bill?
      yeah youre nitwit and dont understand whats coming ahead AND DONT UNDERSTAND WHATS GOING ON NOW EITHER.

    1. @Trevor Guthrie “big bucks” Many give to both parties, ask me if I care.
      “loves the corpratocracy.” Science is my thing. But I find it amusing your unquestioning beliefs
      in absurd theories. “Tribalism” is only bad when you’re not aware of it or in your case…don’t care.
      “give it up” You will…eventually. Lies and fantasies don’t have much staying power

    2. Because making an innocent mistake and quickly correcting it is comparable to a decades long pattern of rape.

  1. “non partisan professional organization” . they are starting to privatize the election process. This is the end of any semblance of an idea of democracy. At least before it was just corrupt.

  2. So a quick “there was no election fraud here” doesn’t sit well with Democrats either?

    Funny how that works with the Hippo Party.

    1. @jon pork When you have very weak controls to detect fraud, you probably won’t find any. So obvious!

  3. Every time they get caught, it’s a “mistake “….. I’m not very smart, but it seems pretty fishy

    1. @Deepak D’Souza I know right? Which human accidentally gives the candidate they want to win 135,000 votes. I mean 136,000 votes is one thing. Those dam Americans think they can check their elections. Not on my watch, oh government I need you to stop them.

    2. @Deepak D’Souza I’ve roasted you so many times. I see you everywhere and it’s amazing how you bend over backgrounds to help the deepstate.

    3. Do you know that we don’t believe you right..? You cannot be that disingenuous n think ppl believe what you’re saying you’re sticking up for ppl who have no morals or values n are actually destroying democracy to change elections so their candidates win. I’m shocked at your lack of character n morals. You should be ashamed of yourselves.. cnn is lies, constant lies.

    1. @Ethan In 2009, Dominion entered into a contract with Smartmatic. Use a search engine line DuckDuckGo or Yandex. Don’t use google which donates to those companies…

    2. Dominion voting machines have been utilized in countries around the world, primarily in Canada and the United States. Dominion systems are employed in Canada’s major party leadership elections, and they are also used across the nation in local and municipal elections.
      https://en.m.wikipedia.org › wiki

    1. Maybe Dominion should sue CNN too for their 2006 and 2017 reporting which exposed vulnerabilities in the Dominion machines and traced the problem back to Hugo Chavez and Venezuela…same thing FOX and Sidney Powell have been saying. I guess CNN lost these tapes:

      CNN reports Smartmatic VOTE FRAUD

      CNN Exposed Dominion Vulnerabilities in 2017

      Shame on CNN, MSNBC and the rest for putting zero effort into investigating claims of fraud in order to preserve our election integrity.

    2. They have no choice probably, I’m sure they really didn’t want to cover this, shows what a farce they and B’s win likely are.

    1. 2016 ,democrats ; trump won by Russian voter fraud !
      Democrats 2020 . Biden didn’t win by voter fraud ,it’s impossible !

  4. 3rd-world-country style Board of Elections, where every candidates is trying to steal the election. lol

  5. C’mon man….Elections in the US are the most fair and accurate elections in the world according to the Democrats!

  6. Suddenly when it suits CNN, there’s fraud in elections ? Hmmm
    That’s has been debunked !!! Lol

  7. Surely just a isolated incident. Voting irregularities could never happen in Michigan, Minnesota, Georgia, Nevada etc. It’s all good. CNN said so.

    1. @A.C. A. Most of fraud isn’t detected. It’s the nature of the beast. Why are we still trying to figure out the source of COVID?

    2. @Michael Schaefer Because Trump dismantled 2/3rd of our pandemic response team in China. His administration ignored requests to look into coronavirus leaks in that lab in Wuhan long before Covid 19 hit, look it up. Or scream fake news, whatever gets you through the day.

  8. There’s a sickness in America & it’s called The Democratic Party who have lost literally their minds!!

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