1. He’s in the race, but did not qualify for the next debate. They are talking about the debate, not the race.

    2. Unbelievable to see when Yang was obviously the most logical, unemotional, dispassionate, rational candidate running. Now with Bernie leading the polls it just seems like the Dems want to see Trump re-elected. I just can’t believe it’s going to happen. Emotional instant gratification has won the day, folks.

    3. @Mulinaster I read an article called Tom Perez chairman of DNC knows no body is happy and niether is he. It looks the failure of the DNC in 2016 election is carrying over into the 2020 election you should read it

    4. GoldenArrow judging by activity on this thread, Yang’s candidacy is alive and well. He came from obscurity and outlasted high profile senators and other law makers. He’s poised to make the Feb debates. So like Yang said “whatever it’s cool” 😎

    1. Coffy Mix – 🆘 Cory Booker you will never be president. You were never qualified to be president and your not a very good senator. Go find a new job.

    1. *For those keeping score at home.*

      *❌Richard Ojeda*
      *❌Eric Swalwell*
      *❌Mike Gravel*
      *❌John Hickenlooper*
      *❌Jay Inslee*
      *❌Seth Moulton*
      *❌Kristen Gillibrand*
      *❌Bill de Blasio*
      *❌Tim Ryan*
      *❌Beto O’Rourke*
      *❌Mark Sanford*
      *❌Wayne Messam*
      *❌Joe Sestak*
      *❌Steve Bullock*
      *❌Kamala Harris*
      *❌Julian Castro*
      *❌Marianne Williamson*
      *❌Corey Booker*

    1. jelaninoel….yeah, because new york city always goes socialist. This is why you guys send gems like acoxio cortex to congress, and ship your homeless to other states. The socialist utopia of garbage york city- 178 billion in debt with not enough to cover expenses…..winning, right buddy?

    2. Deplorable Centrist so how is Iowa a better choice. The entire state is literally over 90% white people. Many of them have never even seen a minority in their entire life but they should somehow understand our values? That makes no sense

    3. it represents the diversity of American political thought… but yea it’s mostly white people, your racist point ?

    4. Tr4ns D0n4ld so you don’t think the way people are raised from a cultural standpoint has an effect on their political beliefs?? Asians, blacks, hispanics, and native Americans have different upbringings from each other and culture plays a big part. Its not about iowa being so white. You cant have one demo represent everyone in anything that affects peoples lives

    1. It’s okay to not know who Senator Booker is but you might consider refraining from trumpeting the fact. That goes double for those liking your ignorance, which ain’t bliss, in my book.

    2. THE ONLY Johnson Low IQ? He’s a Stanford grad, Rhodes scholar, and Yale law school grad. Yeah according to your standards he is low IQ.

    1. @arjaygee no…. I…. uh. No I think he’s right.
      /7 Aint that a shame, my tears feel like rain. /7

      /7 Then the powerful chorus: BOO HOO!!!!
      BOOO HOO!!! BOOO HOO!!!! /7

    2. @Arcexey No. It’s “fell like rain,” not “feel like rain.” And there’s no “boo hoo” chorus. Fake news.

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