Cory Booker On GOP Police Bill: ‘Heavy On Symbols, But Very Light On Substance’ | All In | MSNBC


    1. Trump needs to just sit back and watch the lefties destroy their own cities! Good work democrats! Mars will be completely terraformed before the loony left gets back in power!

  1. What have those democrat mayors did about the police in their cities that they’ve been in charge of for the most part decades ?
    Nothing/zip/nada unless you call lip service doing something

    1. A R , really ?
      Who has been in charge of almost every major cities for decades , democrats
      That means democrats are also in charge of the police force
      The problem between black people and the police have gone on for decades , democrat mayors knew that , and the mayors did nothing to change the police , if they had the relationship between blacks and cops would be better
      That means you are showing willful ignorance

  2. Cops walking of job in Atlanta tonight. Police not responding to 911 calls. Mayor tried to call in reinforcements but was turned down.
    Gold luck hotlanta.

    1. They are peacefully protesting against oppression by stealing TV’s and Nike merchandise that was produced by slave wage child labour!

    2. @Kim Mike they are quitting. Which will just lead to lower standards for their replacements and more problems. Oooops!

    3. Roger Wilco the standards are pretty low as it is. You could probably get a group of motivated citizens that could do a much better job. Saves the time from having to defund them C YA

    1. @Simone Berger The Grand Old Party… pathetic but it is now considered the “Trump Party” but GOP is afraid/terrified of his power to destroy them. Disturbing.

  3. If he makes his own laws, will there be a vote on your hero bill? He can’t make people vote on bills? Isn’t your proxy phone gig working?

    1. Pssst.
      Yeah, you. The guy thinking on clicking this link.
      None of the women here will sleep with you. Go talk to a real woman. It’s not hard. They’re about half of the human race, last I checked. Plenty of opportunities. A lot of them are pretty cool people.
      k bye.

    1. The politicians set the “tone” for bad government because they themselves want special treatment, not the rights of people.

  4. Here’s a man that realizes the left stumbled abolishing the Minneapolis police and lost momentum with the Atlanta nonsense. The country said, “we want good cops, but what is this. What’s behind that curtain?”

  5. Who stood up and spoke? Well, I’ll tel you how didn’t. If you were in our Senate and did not impeach RESIGN!

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