Cory Booker’s Prayer For Democrats In 2020: Unite Americans | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Cory Booker's Prayer For Democrats In 2020: Unite Americans | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


    1. @Gary Conner Theres a few… Fox news doesn’t wanna report about any Republicans with the slightest hit of logic tho.

    2. @Genesiscoupe3000 Lol theres that word again… “FFFAAAAACCCCTTTTS” (theres only “alternative-facts” here! You better get lost with that facts nonsense!

    3. @M Bennett
      What are the “alternative” facts listed, and please list actual facts backed up by sources to prove your point.
      You see there you go again making blanket statements, and somehow thinking that just because you state your OPINION makes it real.
      You need help you pathetic emotional child, and you know I’m right.
      But please respond again with no facts or proof to back up your autistic claims.

    4. Trump’s going to win again
      I’m an independent
      So you Looney Tunes can just skip all of that Russian troll BS 😁

  1. Look at Roswell Rachel talking to someone that shouldn’t have ever been in the group of misfits the democrats could assemble about the election. You sit and talk about stuff like your political agendas aren’t based in hate for one person……..I wish they stop this sanctimonious b.s.

  2. Democrats need more labels! Everything and everyone needs labels. Labels unite. Labels inspire. Labels educate.

    1. @ruth depew vote Bernie, we’ll get free housing, education, and we’ll finally ship in big booty mexican chicks to bang. Mexico should keep the males though. Bernie 2020 DACA

    2. @Gas & Diesel Bernie is for Closed Borders and Segregation. This is awesome but I am worried about his health.

    3. @Genesiscoupe3000 it’s too bad demslibs are being brainwashed to not enjoy the great things we have going for us . If the msm has warped their minds. Im definitely enjoying all the perks Trump has been doing for all of us

    1. @kare more
      Those that have any common sense, know that Booker is nothing more than a con artist. As a NJ resident, I’m ashamed that he represents NJ.
      I did not and would never vote for Booker.

  3. It’s no good preying cause I don’t even think your god can help you on this one. He’s a compulsive pathological liar and you don’t need medical experience to see it just listen to every time he try’s to explain himself, he changes his story he’s the biggest threat to world peace since Hitler

    1. Gary Conner you know it my friend I told my boy and his mates before trump even got into the White House that he will bring destruction to the world it just doesn’t make sense that he has been caught so many times being corrupt and telling lies all the time whilst he’s been in the White House yet he’s still in the White House

    2. Keep you and your mates across the pond then. We are the most prosperous Nation on the planet for a reason. So keep your political ideologies over there with your queens and terrorists and we will keep making the world go round. 1776 is in the past, let’s keep it there. USA USA USA USA 😂 ok that’s enough I have to get back to running my successful American business I built from the ground up. Enjoy tea time ladies

    1. ruth depew I studied Russia at an Ivy League institution.

      They’re not a significant threat even through asymmetric warfare or influence. Now China… keep an eye on them.

      Booker was a poor candidate who ran on his resemblance to Obama.

    2. @ruth depew Harris? She’s not even like by the Left. I lived in San Francisco in her reign. She marketed herself from people like you that did not know her. She jailed and threw the book on 3 prostitute while prostituting herself with Willie in a hotel the same night. She’s a hypocrite only for herself.

    3. @MikeCharlieAlpha I lived in Silicon Valley and everyone agrees that the Chinese are the threat in stealing tech business. Russians are actually well liked in Silicon Valley.

  4. Corey #walkaway you are our kind of guy!!!!! We need more like you in the government now, not in 5 years!!!

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