1. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.
    Thank you to everyone who decided to do something…everyone who is getting into GOOD TROUBLE.✌️💜🇺🇸

    1. @Steve p it is not illegal to bring water to a voter. It is illegal to buy votes. Project Veritas has videos of votes purchased cheap!

    2. @Victor Sullivan <---typical liberal 'logic' "Your account was made amonth ago therefore you must be a troll. <--- remember these are the people in charge of our country now.

  2. 🕊️ Also, may *Capitol Police Officer William “Billy” Evans* rest in peace, and may his loved ones find it.🕊️

    1. @Suzy Q You are right on the mark with that assessment! Look everyone… Trump is toxic to our Constitution, our democracy and our unity, which is what makes our country so great. In my opinion, Trump’s actions and speech are treasonous, including his desire to divide our country! He belongs in federal jail for life!

    2. @Joe Publisher just cause you don’t like someone doesn’t belong in jail . Are you still mad about the 2016 election ? Let it go mate , let it go.

      Obama was worse , at least Trump didn’t play the race card , he just played the I’m better than you card .

    3. @Joe Publisher Unfortunately, Trump gave his supporters something no one else would; permission to be their worst selves. That’s why they will never abandon him.
      By no means am I suggesting that I’m perfect; I’ve done and said things I wish I could take back, but I can’t, and that’s that. What I can do is try not to do or say those things again, and use my life to help others. I’ve been a nurse for over 20 years now, and I’ve done a lot of good for a lot of people…I volunteer at the VA and a substance abuse treatment facility, and even started teaching nursing so I could pass along my love for my work, and the way I care for my patients. Of course all that came to a screeching halt when covid hit, but since I have so much experience taking care of folks in just about every area of medicine, I was asked to work on the covid unit and have been there for the past 10 months. I still love my job but I’d be lying if I were to say it hasn’t been rough. Even those of us with crazy thick skin and years of seeing death regularly, have gotten to our breaking point. Although it’s small and dim, I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s beautiful! I’m holding on to that light until this nightmare is over. 🤞 I can see that I’ve started rambling, which means my brain needs a rest.😉 Besides work, my husband and I just bought a house and we’re moving in next week, so I’m absolutely exhausted! It’s been really nice chatting with you, and I hope you and yours are safe, happy, and healthy…and that you stay that way. 😉 I’m sure I’ll see you around, somewhere in these crazy YouTube comment sections, and until then take care my friend! *Always take the high road; the view is amazing, and there’s never any traffic.

  3. Baseball and other sports brings a lot of business into local economy… So if money is the only language that politicians understand… Let it be loud and clear.

    1. @M Igorpan20 *You’re argument*……. Jesus tapdancing Christ man… it’s really not that hard. It’s just grammar. Me making fun of how poor your spelling/grammar is has nothing to do with our argument. I’m just calling you stupid on the side. 😜 Thanks for your tax dollars. We take the illiterates too.

    2. @Catherine Lewis Saying that Fox is credible is like saying that the Tooth Fairy is real. Oh wait…

    3. It’s the only language any corporation understands. You’ve done nothing until you affect their pockets. It was true with the Montgomery boycotts as well.

      When businesses all over the US saw their revenue begin to decrease, that is when they became involved.

    4. @phil spd love the kid remark – made me feel young for a brief sec & made me laugh😆

      But seriously, I honestly don’t know a thing about Delaware’s Voting Rights, since I do not reside in Delaware. Until now, it has been of no interest to me; however, I will take the time to read up on Delaware’s Voting Rights, since you have taken the time to mention their Voting Rights, as a comparison to my great State of Georgia’s.

      As for before, prior to finishing my 1st cup of Joe, I was not incorrect in what I said, despite the rough, incoherent jibber jabber message, due to the lack of caffeine rushing through my veins. 🤔Ahhh…CAFFEINE. 1 of God’s greatest gifts to mankind. Good for the soul & me 🧠. Yum yum 😋 Down to ☕ very last drop – haha 😄😆.

      Anywho, here’s a link to what I spoke of earlier.

      Obviously, this isn’t the full jest of things. It’s just a simple breakdown of the subject matter for which I speak. It’s the most important part of Gov Kemp’s new Bill, and yet, no one is speaking about the importance of disregarding the Sec of State’s role & the role from Counties within our Elections in order to empower a Board of “appointed” Republican Legislators, that can toss out Ballots and overturn the results of an Election within each Co, if it chooses to do so.

      You most certainly do not have to take my word for I say. You can pull up the Bill in its entirety to see what I speak of.

      Btw, thanks for not acting like a complete horse’s arse. I will never understand why people are incapable of discussing issues without becoming massive jackasses, whenever a person’s opinion or receipts of facts differ from another’s perception, beliefs, facts, etc. I thought the point of a discussion was to learn about a subject matter or one’s thought process, that may or may not be of someone else’s opinion. Debates on issues to discuss relevant matters on a platform in hopes of expanding one’s mindset (ingrained from birth or not) & to learn of new, verifiable information in order to subject one’s self to make an informed decision(s) versus the nonstop spewing of utter BS, that is consistently on display for all to see. The continuation of incompetence, as well as the disgustingly rude behavior by too many, is typically found within the overly dramatic and reprehensible behavioral patterns of adolescents. Those of which are normally associated by stereotypical “Mean” girls, the pulpit of bullies, or the over-compensating jock straps from High-School.

      It’s an absolutely bewildering time to live.

  4. Yep you want a politician to HEAR YOU HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS…

    1. @luvlgs1 if you support racism the majority of us could give 2 ***** if you get to enjoy sports. Go fly a kite

    2. @Marian Lincoln Absolutely correct. The ID thing is a distraction and misdirection.
      We can only hope that they develop a sub dermal hematoma from all the stress of arguing their ignorant fanatical cult 🐂💩. 👍

    3. @Ken Hinmanuh the left media is reporting that as well. Wtf cost is water btw? If all it takes to earn your vote is less than a dollar you’re are a pathetic individual. This is more than earning votes. I guarantee you in alot of places they were giving water to both sides regardless.

    4. @doug Tudor I just checked your Georgia absentee ballot assertion that was missing all kinds of facts about it.
      And as I thought, complete 🐂💩.
      A headline alone doesn’t tell the true story. Nor does it validate ones generalized position of “fraud”.
      Just as in the continuing mantra of “fraud” by you clowns even after powell’s admission the whole thing was a lie. 👍
      Keep trying though. Fortitude is a very commendable trait to have, even if you’re wrong. 👍

    5. @dan dansen I guess this statement on cyber security, along with “the news guy said so” is enough to help you sleep at night. Did you check out the Times article? Of course not. You might actually realize you have been played. Still does not take away from the fact Georgia is doing the right thing by making elections more secure while actually expanding voter accessibility.

  5. I sympathize and empathize w/those on the lower economic rungs and how this will hurt them, so (but) now is the appropriate time to rise up folks!

    1. @ÔG Chris Watts #TheUltimateKarenSlayer #MVP#s #FOTY I saw enough of you drivel to get the gist of you SJW minion mindset. My bad, I thought you were fully immersed in the progressive propaganda instead of only 97%.

    2. @ANOTHER 4 * *SIGH* * – In other words you are unable to read and comprehend on an 8th grade level. You were better off just taking your L & moonwalking out of this conversation but I guess you haven’t embarrassed yourself enough yet.

      Suggesting I have a “SJW mindset” because I disagree with your support of what’s been widely and CORRECTLY labeled as a “voter suppression” bill says more about you than it does me, but the irony of that being lost on you isn’t suprising.

      Now if you’re done wasting my time now, I’d appreciate it if you’d keep it moving.. No need to reply as my eyes won’t see it. 👋

      Good day, sir.

    3. @Patricia Flowers you can always bring your own water..there’s a thought.. that way you could have kept your Allstar game..

    4. Rise up and get the inner city individuals of all colors accessibility to get an id. Dont make oppressive rhetoric about people of color saying that they dont have ids. Many do and if they dont get it done. Get people of different colors educated and replace politicians that make non racist laws and change the dialogs so the next generation doesnt settle for what is being told, that nothing is expected from them, including getting an id. Its a party of non empathy vs a party of keeping people where they are so they are always dependant on them. Independent, proactive people will change the world we live in not the same old.

  6. You have to suffer sometimes to STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK.. I live in Vegas and if my employer went against their guests right to vote. I would expect our economy will suffer. Be PROACTIVE AND EVERYONE DESREVES EQUALITY

    1. But the problem is , is that is what our society is becoming , influence through fear , incentivize through punishment, rather than incentivize with reward . And I don’t mean reward , that you get to continue to operate but you get to thrive and pursue your own path . The trouble with liberal mindset is that you’ll never get to thrive because they’ll always crab bucket you and to where they’re stuck at .

    2. @Paul Tomassi hang on, I thought conservatives cared about accountability for actions. About accepting consequences to your decisions. Georgia is being held accountable for a bullshit law, you disagree and so now instead of trying to talk about the real issue at hand, you want to move the goalposts and somehow simultaneously pretend it doesn’t exist.

      Fucking enough already.

    3. @N_Rattlehead be nice please with the curse words .

      I’m think it’s fair to ask for some structure to make the process accurate and trustworthy and have a quick turnaround . So I suppose not moving the goal posts but just setting them up is the ask. Else there is no confidence in the process because it’s very loosely defined and these changes make for a real clear cut straightforward process . I can’t imagine In today’s age anyone who is trying to vote not being able to get a free state issued ID and showing up at anytime during a near one month voting process to cast their vote . And they do accommodate it’s just error in the side of safe and accurate to restore faith in the process .

  7. Curt Flood of the STL Cardinals was one of the most outspoken MLB activists. Players owe him a debt of gratitude. He is personally responsible for the introduction of free agency. Up until then, players were legitimately owned/controlled by their team. The player had no say.

    1. @carolyn boyce Bill Barr actually started the investigation. It wasn’t the left at all. Sorry man it’s not about the left.

    2. @carolyn boyce hmm your account was made 3 months ago so I’m guessing spreading hate and idiocy is all you do

    3. @Michael Williamson No I’m not.. do your research … our intelligence agencies said Russia meddled in the election… your boy believed Putin over his own intelligence agencies. This was done on TV in front of the world. If anyone else had done this they would have been called a traitor. Please don’t lie and say it never happened or try to justify.

    4. @therealhumanguineapig moral responsibility? if a school bus driver is drunk and crashes a bus full of kids, does blue bird have a moral obligation to stop making school buses? all of this nonsense because georgia wants people to prove who they say they are when they vote. a pretty simple concept. one i think any rational person would agree with.

      fun fact, jim crow laws were largely pushed and upheld by democrats, big business, sports teams, msm, etc. before 1965. really, look it up. biden has referred to this bill as jim crow 2.0, several times i believe.
      yet here we have the same democrats, big corporations, sports teams, media….. you guessed it……on the wrong side of it once more. history repeats itself again.

  8. I haven’t seen Bob in a while I already know what he’s going to say. He knows the difference between right and wrong

    1. In a nation that claims to be a Democracy, why would any of the 50 states want to make it more difficult for someone to vote?

    2. @Jerry Marasco You have no comeback for the facts. You have no counter-argument to what I said. Instead you’re making up bullshit and ignoring it. It’s pathetic but not surprising because you Anti-American cultists are all the same. You just repeat nonsense and talking points told to you. You literally cannot think for yourself. When someone tells you facts, you stick your fingers in your ears, close your eyes and scream like a toddler. Here’s a tip, know wtf you’re talking about before trying to argue something. At least then you won’t look like such a moron.

    3. @Jerry Marasco “Oppression is a state of mind. You’ll NEVER be able to tell me different.”

      Christ our education system has truly failed you. We as a country really need to do better.

    1. @John Drummond Fascism on the move everywhere. First it was Georgia, next it will probably be AZ and maybe TX. If we fall asleep on these fascists we’ll wake up in the Fourth Reich.

    2. @Jason Farris Trust us, Charles Jones Sr, Jason Farris and I were actually by Hank Aaron’s side every single day for the last few months of his life. If anybody would know, it would be me and Jason.

    3. Wisconsin’s laws are stricter than GAs. Lol, most states laws are, this is why this is so bizarre. MLB is in a tight spot trying to put this in a state with better laws than GA. Good luck to them. Orwell would be proud.

  9. The Day the Earth Stood Still, 1951, post WWII. “The universe grows smaller every day and threats of aggression by any group anywhere can no longer be tolerated…..The decision rests with you.” Great and always timely movie!

  10. It’s sad that in Hank Aaron’s day he had to deal with this. It’s 2021. And in some way shape or form we still have to deal with it. Listen before we couldn’t speak about the dog whistles, or address the undertones of particular words and movements, now we have and will call it out. The 80’s and 90’s were the beginning of, “oh that’s not what I meant.” When we very well knew what “they” meant. Now we’re just calling it out. We know the why, the language, the movements now. There aren’t any more secrets, we know and understand. I thought by this time we’d be past stuff like this but, as long as there are people like Ga, Governor there will always be stuff like this. Birds of a feather flock together. He won’t endorse anyone, nor will his party, endorse anyone who isn’t like minded. That’s why it’s so important to vote, especially at the local and state levels. At the federal level we need to be rid of the electoral process and just go with the popular vote. That alone is still a slap in the face to minorities. We can read and write now. We are apart of the American society as a whole. So just do away with it. Thank you for reading.

    1. Like minded? Progressives are like the Borg. Hive mentality. If you don’t go along with the hive – you are destroyed – just like cancel culture. After awhile if you don’t conform, they eat you.

    2. @julie borges so is the Republican party. Have you seen a class photo? Lol. I’m not party affiliated. I just sit back and observe. You may be correct about the progressive movement but, that doesn’t fit for this narrative of discussion.

  11. As civil rights leaders once said “where there are people, there is power”. Keep lawmakers accountable to the will of the people.

    1. The will of the people is free and fair elections soooo….. get out your damn license and vote! Nobody is stopping you, stop crying wolf

    2. @David Carter David. The government knows where you live, where you work, what you buy, what you own; the government knows everything about you. It’s total bullcrap that you have to have an ID when they even knew about you before you were even born.

  12. Capital hill polices dies yesterday. May God bless his family and friends. Capital hill polices needs a break.

    1. Atlanta is mostly black, who are they trying to hurt here?? Republicans don’t give 2 shits about Baseball and Atlanta!! This is laughable 😂😂

    2. @Kegan Vlogs Sometimes Republicans from GA still have not recovered from losing the election and the state turning blue. They also failed to prove any cheating. They are hypocrites who only believe in Democracy when it benefits them.

    3. I’m sorry this is hurting your business. Moving the All Star game is hurting the people of ATL more than helping them. I wish the memory of the great Hank Aaron wouldn’t muddled into all of this.

    4. @HeavyHardDrive Gov Shemp, I mean Gov Kemp is responsible for hurting the entire state of Ga. Remember, he’s the same imbecile who made, “errors and mistakes” last year regarding pandemic data.

    5. @Kegan Vlogs Sometimes principal over corruption! It’s just one game, but it will make a point! Republicans lied about election fraud and continue to do so!

    1. Atlanta is mostly black, who is this hurting?? Baseball is counterproductive!! This isn’t going to have any effect on Republicans! Facts of business….it makes me laugh 😂

  13. You can take the term cancel culture to your sink… where the disposal is… it’s about doing the right thing… not a lame term. I’m so sick of these terms that describe anger in this country.

  14. I woke up in America corporation’s are privately run and can do what they want.This is the free market in action 👍🇺🇸

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