Could Inauguration Move Inside Amid Aftermath Of Capitol Attack? | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Could Inauguration Move Inside Amid Aftermath Of Capitol Attack? | MTP Daily | MSNBC


NBC's Pete Williams discusses moving the inauguration inside amid security concerns. Aired on 01/12/2021.
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Could Inauguration Move Inside Amid Aftermath Of Capitol Attack? | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Keep president Biden safe. He would be okay with an indoor Inauguration I’m sure. As for Trump, he’d be fronting his tough guy mentality when really, he is as solid as a sandwich dipped in soup.

    1. Trump told the insurrectionists that he’d be going with them to the Capitol. He then turned around and immediately ran back to hide inside the White House.

    2. @ruth depew And then hose down all them young girls to get rid of all them smudges and finger prints of Joe’s and Hunter??

  2. The definition of hypocrisy: Fox News not allowing people to comment on their videos while complaining about censorship from Big Tech.

  3. Could be done outdoors at a secure place like Camp David, assuming a Secret Service agent isn’t an undercover Yeehawdi waiting to Ghandi Biden.

    1. Yeehawdi! I really hate all this that’s going on and am worried about further attacks, but I have to admit that I do get a kick out of these terrorist names: Yeehawdi, Y’all-Qaeda, Vanilla ISIS.

    1. PROTECT THOSE THAT ARE WILLING TO KEEP AMERICIAN Children SAFE from being sniffed and manhandled by the Big Guy.

  4. At this danger time, I would agree doing indoor inauguration is the safest way because many of the most important people of the United States will participate as well. I hope the Biden team would seriously consider it.

  5. The election votes have been certified, do the swearing in NOW… today and tell Trump to pack up and leave. Don’t go on with these inauguration plans it just gives them radicals more time to plan.

    1. @Dr. Shariananda Adamz As they have to but changes need to be made in waiting from Nov 3 to Jan 20 to swear in a president. We may have another Trump in the future.

  6. Trump in drive-thru:
    “You want fries with that?”
    “that’s a tough question. You didn’t ask Biden if he wanted fries. You’re a fake cashier. I’m Done here”

    1. @DAVID Rump the treasonous traitor is played out….lol…Hay when Biden and Harris are in office Putin will be kissing America’s butt…… It’s funny you say you’re for Jesus Christ but yet you protect all the evil teachings that Christ was against….penny for your confusion

    2. @MajesG You got all that from me noticing you copy and pasted the same thing a thousand times? It’s played out.

    3. @DAVID I guess you learned a new phrase today…. that a good boy…. who’s a good boy… at the ignorance

    1. @RobBCactive Are you talking about that magic “virus” which disappears *_like magic_* when pedophile communist democrats Burn, Loot and Murder and then reappears *_like magic_* when conservatives gather together?

    2. @halalslagt en dansk panser og gør Allah glad But it magically kills the seasonal flu and a host of other fatal illnesses, imagine that.

    1. @Charlie Helfenstein middle class n poor standard of living go down as soon as Bidet is sworn in. For us Rich….what’s there to get excited about.

    2. @Charlie Helfenstein it is against the law to call Chicks or Babes Lady. House passed it last week. Please show proper Respect…..

  7. Bidens needs to go indoors cause it’s not about if he’s scared or not but about his safety and it would be irresponsible for Biden to jeopardize his life and the lives of people around him so it’s better for him inside safe.

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