Could Mark Carney give a boost to Justin Trudeau's chances in the next election? | TREND LINE 1

Could Mark Carney give a boost to Justin Trudeau’s chances in the next election? | TREND LINE's Michael Stittle and Nanos Research's Nik Nanos break down all the speculation about the next federal election, including if former Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney will run for the federal Liberal Party.

Also Minister Catherine McKenna has announced that she won't be running in the next election, what legacy has she left on Canadian politics?

Finally, Michael and Nik look at the numbers, what are Canadians top concerns ahead of the summer? Here's a preview, the environment and the economy are at the top mind.


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  1. NO!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn’t vote for trudohh for a million in cash a vote for him would be a vote for the last nail in the coffin for Canada!!!!! 4 more years of liberals would be the worst thing this country can do!

  2. Remember when the NDP sided with the Liberals in the non-confidence vote back in October, thus preventing an election from being called?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    1. Ya. And we will continue to support it as long as we ensure conservatives don’t get in.

      Thats how this works dumb dumb.

    2. @Ryan Syropiatko How is the NDP cut out to run a country when your own party is in around 8 million dollars of debt

    3. @Ryan Syropiatko I’d prefer if NONE of the three main parties got in. Liberals, NDP, and Conservatives all suck and all are corrupt in one way or another.

      We need some fresh blood.

  3. Carney? The guy that makes $billions in offshore oil but wants to shut down Canada’s oil industry. That Mark Carney? His hypocrisy will fit right in with Blackface Justin’s.

  4. Wow how do these “experts” even have a show? I rather use a bed of thorns for a toilet than listen to anymore of this nonsense.

  5. Not a chance in hell.Just another one of Trudeaus rich friends.This guy for Nanos is definately Liberal

    1. Trudeau will never be found guilty of anything because every Judge on the Supreme Court is a Liberal appointed by Trudeau.

  6. At least he got a haircut and had a shave. He was starting to look like a well dressed bum. Now if he could only find a real job but I doubt he is qualified for anything other than a part time drama teacher.

  7. Catherine McKenna is plain and simply incompetent! Please do not blame how women are treated. She did this to herself!

  8. Canada has shocked me. They aren’t nearly as smart or educated as I thought. The re-election of Trudeau is scary. Boy was Rick Mercer ever off. Talking to Canadians would have been so much more entertaining.

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