Could PSAC strike set the tone for talks between unions and Ottawa? | Power Play with Vassy Kapelos

The Front Bench panel discusses the public's support of the PSAC strike, how Trudeau could step in, and why more negotiations could come.

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  1. What? They are getting paid because they put it aside for such events.. It’s their money.

    1. Employees get paid tomorrow because Phoenix pays 2 weeks in arrears. Their next Cheque will be docked if they are on strike. Every day on the line is leave without pay from work. The union pays $75 a day from union dues that are paid by employees every Cheque.

    2. @Matt the average citizens is not important in the eye’s of King Trudeau of Kanada. Because our money is his to spend however he sees fit. If he has to spend more money to make his voters more happy so it will be done. Like I said before that to end the housing crisis outsiders shouldn’t be allowed to own any property in Canada . A 500 thousand Dollar home should cost 500 thousand dollars and not in the millions. When someone tears down any home for low income earners but instead rebuild a home that is 1.5 to 2.5 million dollars no one else is able to afford housing. If someone has money to build any home it should be on a vacant lot and in an area where there are many vacant lots.

  2. The Phoenix Pay Centre is 4 weeks behind. They’re getting paid because it’s paying them for the period of time before they were on strike. Reporting anything else is factually untrue.

    1. ​@this is my shitposting account what if the managers are also on strike and they’re in cahoots with each other. 😂

    2. @KC What’s stopping them? Logs and records of if they were clocked in or not? What kind of question is this.

    3. ​@KC Managers are not on strike and they are required to submit daily absences from the workplace. It is all being recorded and their pay accounts will be deducted.

    4. The managers recording attendance are excluded, and cannot strike. They belong to the (EX-01) classification which is Director level.

  3. At the end of the day
    13 billion for Volkswagen
    not enough money for employees, disability or veterans

    1. @Manpreet $13 Billion for 3000 jobs. Each job cost tax payers $43, 33, 333.33. You think that’s will pay for itself? Can I see your math?

  4. As a person who is considering voting Conservative next election, I cringe whenever I hear thoughtless hate bait rather than simply answering questions about fiscal responsibility.

  5. strange how some politicians will cut off their nose to spite their face
    just to make the “other” party look bad
    these clowns were sent to Ottawa to do whats best for the country not bicker like high schoolers

  6. At least the prime minister is getting paid well. No one else in the country is. If he can give himself 2 raises during the pandemic he can give his employees what they’re asking for. Take it from the upper parliaments wadges🖕

  7. If Trudeau would get rid of the carbon tax, it would lower inflation costs, which would help everyone including federal workers. Therefore, a more reasonable pay increase would be acceptable. Why can’t we push to put an end to the carbon tax to help everyone while we’re all struggling to keep up with inflation?

  8. I guess everyone has forgotten how much money Trudeau and his cronies have wasted and you guys are worried about paying these employees. I am not even a union employee but I would sooner see the employees get what they want.

    1. And he just announced 4.1 billion in official languages and wasting money on legally acquired firearms..

    2. No I dont get 3 % per year, I am losing 3% per year of my income due to the inflation issues Trudeau has caused. I am retired!!!

    3. @Dan Martin Then change your job, apply for the government job if you are jealous! Stop whining and do something for yourself!

  9. They best not upset anyone on the streets in Ottawa, the French will ca Trudeau to invoke the Emergency’s Act, Trampling the public with horses, Freezing Bank Accounts etc!

  10. Trudeau hasn’t been to one of the negotiation table talks. The Phoenix Pay System Center has been a nightmare since 2016 and still to this day is a nightmare for puplic service workers.Thanks to the Conservatives and the current government ignoring the problem, and not taking responsibility for the Phoenix disaster. That distroyed thousands of Federal workers and there families lives. Now the current government wants implement another new federal pay system. Costing Canadians Millions in Taxes.

  11. How about stop giving misinformation on public servants. The offer does not equal 6-7k annually for anyone and whether your on the line or not working because of the strike we are not getting paid. Get all the facts straight before having these talks.

  12. Healthcare capped at 1% and no right to strike. Fire them if they are not essential. 🤷
    Better invoke the emergencies act and close bank accounts??

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