Could something have been done to prevent PSAC strike? | Power Play with Vassy Kapelos

What will bring the strike by one third of the federal public service workforce to an end? Treasury Board President Mona Fortier explains.

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    1. We want competition in Grocery chains.. we want competition in cellphone providers.. why not competitive services by government.. just a waste of money.

  1. What is the point of accepting doing an interview if you won’t answer any of the interviewers questions…

    1. She’s taken a page from Trudeau; sounds just like him answering in the house of commons…. nothing but deflection

  2. I love how the Minister reference the PIC when its in her favor, but ignores it when it isn’t. Nice move hun…

  3. can someone please sync a rap song to this minister not answering the questions lmfao did she learn her interview moves from Flava flav? love you canadians

  4. If Fortier was a vehicle, she would be the DODGE RAM….She’s ducking every question like Mike Tyson ducking punches in the ring.

  5. Wow such straight answers!!! You would never have put in the PIC offer without the strike, you decided to play a game of chicken with PSAC and lost.

  6. No more wage increase for federal workers. The PM spent it already in Jamaica vacation together with his entourage.

  7. Someone asked earlier if working from home reduced productivity and she dodged the question says a lot

    1. My understanding would be it really depends on the company and policies set in place. Many tech company and multi international companies are doing full time remote work and/or once a week in person on site when it came to administrative and office work.

      There has to be a cost efficiency reasoning behind this. Otherwise, private companies won’t stand for it.

  8. I like how government always plays the divided and rule card. Now, out of no where, they want to do what is fair for Canadians and taxpayers? Like really? What happened when you asked them to repay the COVID payments?

  9. Maybe they should have started a ” Stop Trudeau” signs two years ago when the government stopped talking fairly with the union… it worked with the Stop Harper Signs.

  10. This is why many countries Nationilized resources, Currency back onto gold, wages onto productivity. Reduced inflation & protected society, CGTN The Point-Hub-Heat Poverty allieviation completed 10 yrs ago in 🇨🇳. RT International, BRICS dropping oil reserve currency.

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