Could the Supreme Court change this midterm election trend? 1

Could the Supreme Court change this midterm election trend?


The Supreme Court has taken up two hot-button issue cases — abortion and gun rights — which will be decided in 2022. CNN's Michael Smerconish looks at the impact this could have on midterm voter turnout and results.
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  1. There needs to be an equal balance in the supreme court in order to represent all people!!

    1. All of a sudden you care about “balance of power” when the Supreme Court was controlled by liberals for decades. How often did the Notorious R.B.G. side with the conservatives? A hell of a lot less than the conservatives sided with her. The court is supposed to be apolitical and representative of the Constitution, not the “people”. They are supposed to interpret law, not create it.

  2. They forgot to sneak in the idea that even if it’s incest or rape after 15 weeks the child is forced to have that baby. Let that soak in for a minute

    1. @Renee Reinhardt GOP restrictions on what??? You did not explain fully. The Susan B. Anthony List Organization is very informative on all matters of Abortion and Politics. I receive their email updates. And, I have followed these issues. So, it is pretty safe to say, I know where both parties stand, already. The only thing sinking in right now is how much time I had to spend defending the unborn today with no help from you. Catholic hospitals have to fight not to have to perform and for paying for abortions, too.
      People who believe Abortions are unethical are forced to pay for them with their tax dollars t o d a y. That just is adding insult to injury. That is forcing one’s belief system onto others. Taxpayers are forced to pay for the *%@$# ups of others.

    2. @Dominique Brasseur I am not intruding on anyone’s privacy. This is a public forum and I should be allowed my views like everyone else. We all have our own views. But, when the health and safety of any individual is at stake, the outcome is more heated.

    3. @Ray Stanczak Doctors take an oath to do no harm and with all the medical capabilities today. We alll know exactly, what occurs with an abortion. So, let’s not pretend not to know.

  3. The only thing I’m worried about is SCOTUS upholding the voter suppression laws states have recently passed. That is the greatest threat to American freedom!

    1. @George Gaskin Mandatory background checks on ALL gun sales, only criminals would be against that! If you think Democrats are suppressing gun rights with laws, surely you think Republicans are suppressing voting rights, correct? Keep in mind we have more of a gun issue in this country than voter fraud.

    2. @Dixon Uranus except that there were not any states where there were more votes than registered voters. It did not happen. It has been researched and found to not have happened.
      There is no evidence of any townships reporting more votes than the number of registered voters.
      Stop spreading lies.

  4. The supreme court has the summer off? Does that mean I get the summer off from paying their salary?

    1. @Joe Blow money that comes from the Treasury. How are you getting around having no banking and electronic transactions?

    2. I get what you are saying. My issue is more why do they get a paid long vacation but most of the other people if they gets vacation it’s only fora week or maybe 2. I moved to Australia now where if you are employed full time you get 4 weeks paid vacation.

    3. @Dixon Uranus over $30 trillion in debt. What money do we really have? It’s called inflation. Spending money that is non existent, causes debt and inflation. When you have a bank account, and you spend all your money and you keep spending, you go into debt. You run out of money to spend, so you keep borrowing. You want to talk about your grandkids to grow up with clean air? Better hope they all aren’t bankrupt and poor by the stupid spending government does.

    1. @justin sherman gee, why so cynical? My opinion is that there is an unbearable weight on the shoulders of the GOP – they can no longer win fair elections in order to rule for the 1%r’s so expect all kinds of devious scandalous chicanery as they attempt to rule from a minority position. It’s already been shown (Jan. 6) they’ll go to any level of antiConstitutional evil to accomplish their goals – well, they are going to have to because from here on out, majority rules, not the people with voices in their heads calling them selves a silent majority and flabbergasted why the least popular president in the history of the United States of America LOST.
      But ‘people like you’ just don’t get it

    2. @Blackstep_dad you’re right to ask that. The left can be very violent and they will most likely shoot you in the back because of their nature.

  5. could the supreme court destroy itself.making bad decisions when they lose the moral ethic and values of destruction

    1. @Vicki Bertrand no, only Roberts is bought and paid for. And it cost Soros alot of money. Donald j trump did his job and appointed three people to fill the vacant seats. Don’t you hate it when that pesky constitution get in the way of your wet dream? This shall not infringe. Get used to it. Or get out.

    2. @Donald F Schiff NOPE. The south votes more GOP because of conservative policies and values, not racism, the south has changed. Racism spreads everywhere even in North and South. If you look at the trend as racism and Jim Crow declines in the south, they vote more GOP. The southern strategy is a myth. Republicans swept the south with Ulysses S Grant, Herbert Hoover, Eisenhower (before the CRA 1965) and denocrats still can swept the south with Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, LBJ (after CRA 1965) My question is, why does it take soooo long for the south to go full red? Because they see policies, the south still can swing to democrat though, so it is wrong if racism is played to win the south. And south carolina, the 1st state to secceed in 1861, RATHER voted for an AfroAmerican Tim Scott, than a white liberal, again because of policies. And out of 21 senators voting againts the CRA, 20 STILL became democrat then . The southern strategy is just to entertain the crying denocrats who lost the south America has changed, it is about policies now, not based on race. By the waaay the democrats are still obsessed with race you know just like their 1860s grandpa. They keep putting race in everything, they think that you were born WHITE then you are the oppressor, if you are born BLACK than you are a victim, this is WRONG, blacks are born winners not victims. And they verbally lynched black people who do not agree with democrats. Hmm, familiar? It is like if the democrats thing that they are still masters of black men??? They are still playing the same game, instead they portray themselves as “messiah” for black people. It looks like the democrats are like this ” If we can’t own black lives, then we own their MINDSET “. Take a look at Malcom X quotes about democrats

    1. @Corvis Oh, Corvis, God wanted you to be born. I bet you have so many good qualities. I bet you make the world a better, brighter place. Cancer and unborn embryos /fetuses are not similar at all. Like comparing skin cells to a whole functioning miniature person.

    2. Agreed. The Government has no right to tell people what they can and cannot do with their bodies. At this rate, we might as well ban all forms of birth control, pre-marital sex and masturbation while we’re at it. And why is it that when it comes to women’s health, most of the laws are written by old, white men?

    3. @Lanuiiohu Sukikiya Uh, did you forget about the neocons? They’re basically funding terrorism with our money. Look up the Project for the New American Century. It was basically a blueprint for US world domination.

    1. @Freeway Glider : And how soon will it be before democrats lower the to $200,000 or even lower when they discover all the “free” stuff promised can not be funded ?

    2. @Steve Austin In other words, you want to move the country backwards. The question is how far back. You’d probably like it if women weren’t allowed to work outside the home, minorities were second class citizens and we start more illegal and meaningless wars. I’m not a fan of the Democrats, but the GOP seems to have a backwards mentality that The People in “We the People” are white, Christian(but not Catholic), heterosexual men.

  6. You must sell
    When all is said and done, you must sell. The aim of all merchandising is to reach the consumer with as much merchandise as possible at as low a cost as possible.

  7. Psaki said we are following the “Eric Holder model” regarding spying on journos , in so much that he spied on journos.

    1. @Jay Gibson Same to you and yours stay safe as well. Just consider that maybe everyone we see, that gets paid to talk or be on TV is an actor.

  8. There needs to be an equal balance in the supreme court in order to represent all people!!

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