Could this photo of juror help Derek Chauvin's appeal? 1

Could this photo of juror help Derek Chauvin’s appeal?


Jury consultant Alan Tuerkheimer explains why there could be grounds for appeal in Derek Chauvin's case after a photo of one of the trial jurors showed him wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt at the March on Washington.

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  1. Damn. What a way to mess up this trial. You know Derek Chauvin will definitely appeal.

    1. @Me Off Yeah and I’m sure an angry mob ready to burn the city down had nothing to do with it.

    2. @P1RandyMarsh Dude , that was Cold Blooded Murder . He is a Racist former Pig, that’s gonna get Major time in jail. He killed George Floyd without a conscience .

    3. Yep, Juror 52, I’ll bet since he’s on every TV program, is going to be writing a book about the trial!

  2. He decided to come out of anonymity and now Chauvin could appeal because he wanted to be famous. Smh

    1. @Silmarillion Tolkien Justice would have been the pig getting shot mid murder. Him being locked up is a poor facsimile.

    2. Donald J. Trump
      10:27am May 3, 2021

      The Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020 will be, from this day forth, known as THE BIG LIE!

    3. In any criminal trial, the defendant has the right to testify or not to testify. If a defendant chooses not to testify, this fact cannot be held against him or her in court. The court must instruct the jury that the defendant has a constitutional right not to testify, that the choice not to testify cannot be held against the defendant, and that the defendant is presumed innocent regardless of whether he or she testifies. But in a GoodMorning interview..this juror said that the jurors came to the conclusion that he was guilty based on him not taking the stand. ” We all wanted him to take the stand. It definitely was detrimental to his case for not testifying” were his exact words. Wow!

  3. They were going to appeal anyway only ones that didn’t know that were people that were not following the trial

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis oh it’s a guaranteed mistrial no doubt about it get your knee off my neck is a reference to George Floyd

    2. @b xo so In other words. He should’ve taken it to the grave in order for liberals to get their way? You people are disgusting. You cheat and grind your way through life then preach tolerance and injustice.

    3. @lj Rebel as the other guy said, the verdict has been handed in, you can only ask for a mistrial during the trial. He has to go for an appeal which he started after the verdict was handed in.
      How Courts Work
      Mistrials are trials that are not successfully completed. They’re terminated and declared void before the jury returns a verdict or the judge renders his or her decision in a nonjury trial

    1. @Eagle EYE Time to prosecute. Make an example of him to show burn loot & murder that corrupting America with a toxic agenda will not be tolerated.

    2. @Steph , I think this will not be sufficient for it to be considered as a mistrial, as the entire planet came to know about the murder of George Floyd, and Will be very difficult not to have any opinion about it as a juror, they are also human beings. For example the jurors during the Micheal Jackson case long time ago, they all probably listened to Micheal Jackson music or had bought albums of Micheal Jackson. If the same question would have been asked like have you ever listened to Micheal Jackson music before ? Or do you have a MJ album? It will be hard to say No which will be considered as a lie. Into some extend they have biased and opinion about it before being selected as a juror. Irrespective of your skin color, whether you support the BLM or not. The facts were there and the prosecution team did a wonderful job presenting it. The shirt he has on supporting the BLM movement has nothing to do with the case itself. As the police brutality against our fellow black and brown humans, has ben going on for centuries. And if Derek was acquitted from all the charges, and this came out would you think the same way? And considered this as a mistrial?

    3. Prove it, every time I hear a politician or a CEO gets asked if they remember something. They just replied, “I don’t recall”.
      Like you remember everything you ever worn.

    1. @K3L It’s funny that every other doctor in that trial for both the prosecution and the defense testified in either direct or cross examination that George Floyd could have died from a fentanyl overdose.

      That fact makes that one pulmonary doctor look a little foolish or biased.

  4. He doesn’t remember wearing that shirt, but, remembers where he was in that picture during a protest?..ok

  5. His shirt was 100% about George Floyd so he was definitely trying to make a statement about police brutality while at this march.

    1. Donald J. Trump
      10:27am May 3, 2021

      The Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020 will be, from this day forth, known as THE BIG LIE!

    2. @Doug Parker I’ve seen republiCONs doing it all year. The agitators and extremist groups causing all the destruction and the failed coup. Your racist black on black crime rhetoric is stupid. Gov’t state officials should not murder citizens at will. Keep being a brainwashed sheep.

    3. @Rodney Bean Dallas Police report: Shooter, whose dead, was not a member of BLM, in fact, he hated them because he felt that they weren’t radical enough. Your desperation is real.

  6. Imagine if the jury found him innocent of all charges and it turns out one of the jurors had a shirt saying “blue lives matter, Free Chauvin”

    1. @unintentional provocateur Of 2nd and 3rd degree murder I think not. Maybe manslaughter

    2. @Nate Ford you don’t have to be objective to know a murder when you see one on tape. That’s pure bullshit.

  7. That’s the same juror that admitted in a TV news interview that he had his mind made up before the evidence was presented. That right there is also grounds for mistrial.

    1. Donald J. Trump
      10:27am May 3, 2021

      The Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020 will be, from this day forth, known as THE BIG LIE!

    2. @830toAwesome not going to disagree with you but wasn’t there a corner report that he died from drugs? Don’t get mad. Just asking a legitimate question

    3. @Pedro Chevez I first heard of the story on CNN earlier this evening and the video and images were shown and discussed. I have not watched MSNBC or Fox News channels to see what is being said or not. But it is being covered. Don Lemon on CNN just talked about it.

  8. Our judge told us we shouldn’t talk because the last time the jury talked to the lawyers there was a motion on his desk for a mistrial because of what one of the jurors said. He should have known to keep his mouth shut, all of them, especially in this case.

    1. Shouldn’t have even been one of the jurors after wearing a shirt saying “GET OFF OUR NECKS”. Can’t be more clearer than that lol

    2. Sounds like you are not after justice. You have already decided his guilt before the trail

    3. @Königstiger Yeah, after I saw a picture of that juror wearing a “GET YOUR KNEE OF OUR NECKS” shirt, I pretty much knew that juror definitely had a bias against Chauvin and came to the conclusion that Chauvin was guilty before the trial even began smh

  9. Juror lied, without a doubt.. and the shirts? “I don’t remember.”? Come on…
    I mean… you kind of handed them an appeal on a velvet lined platter. Congrats.

    1. If you look at most of the jurors candidate that was questioned the was biased from the beginning… it was most likely planned after they couldn’t relocate after the defendant asked for fairer trial.

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis so the pictures are lying or has the questionnaire been tampered with then? Thats the only options. Or… Hear me out now ….. He lied … I know its a shocker. A black man lying . who would have thought it possible?

    3. @Sally Daniel he didn’t incite an insurrection and I’m pretty sure it was a riot. If you call Jan 6th an insurrection then you would have to call this past summer an insurrection as well.

    4. @Derrin Clark hmmmm and which party is currently rewriting history and our constitution as we speak? Lmao oh yeah the leftys ……. Sounds like whoever gave you that advice was a smart person. You should heed their words.

    5. @Derrin Clark shall i begin naming examples of all the rules your beloved leaders are changing? Or do you see the connection finally?

  10. I just knew that once he did that interview he was going to dragged through the media… bad move

  11. The change of venue was denied. SMH. The judge got the appeal approved when he denied it.

    1. Fox comment section have been disabled so all their viewers have been flooding cnn comment section for the past days lol I guess Fox supports cancel culture against their own viewers.
      Cnn doesn’t disabled comments
      Thought Fox was all about freedom
      Of speech not censorship lmao

    2. Change of venue would make a difference, we all saw the video. Unless you want to take the trial to an all white, conservative enclave!

  12. There’s a time and a place for taking a memorable selfie, this wasn’t either of those.

    1. To be fair he also didn’t know he would ever be sent a jury questionnaire or be selected for this case so there that.

    2. Well, it was, he was probably proud to be attending a historic march on, supporting what he believes in. Didn’t Floyd’s family speak at that march?

    3. @Erica He should have been honest on the form though. Frankly that trial should have been moved. Somewhere I heard he said on a podcast that the only way to change things and get justice is to get on these juries. I don’t know if there is accurate, it’s second hand information. But if that is true….it will either have to be a mistrial, or defiantly have grounds for an appeal.

  13. I watched the trial (multiple days of live stream) and he should get a chance to appeal. I don’t know if he is guilty or innocent but a jury cannot be biased because it defeats the purpose and also please note that any public trial will not be a fair trial. More important than all of that, we need to treat people better.

  14. Then prosecutors will be able to present Chauvin’s pattern of behavior that the trial judge denied.

  15. I still remember the tshirt I bought at my first concert in the late 80s. This isn’t some hanes multipack of tshirts you bought at target….there is no way he forgets wearing/owning that tshirt.

    1. You don’t know that, white will do anything to free that murdering white supremacist, what about George Zimmerman jury, one of the all white jury said felt sorry for George… thst white lady was bias

    2. @Jose Robles no but it may unfortunately get the trial thrown out since he lied during the jury selection process, which is a shame. of course, in this kind of case with national attention, it will be difficult to find an unbiased jury.

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