1. We have sugar cane to make real sugar the government is not making good decisions where our citizens should be our Main concern

    2. @Teeberry Brown if the government closed down all the factory how we gonna be productive.🏭🏭

  1. How am I gonna be vigilant when they package it in the authorized suppler…….need more vigilance at all ports of entry

  2. Why attach the name counterfeit to the sugar? This is clickbait! There is nothing counterfeit about the sugar! The authorities simply label it as β€œillegal use”. I’m sure it was legal when it was cleared at the port!

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  3. I pray that God will be with the police officers that they will have the wisdom to rid Jamaica of crime and that God will keep them safe in Jesus name amen πŸ™.

    1. This is why I came in the comments bcz I wanted to see if I was the only one to pick up on what he said. “could be distroyed” nuh sound right. They “could” also sell it back to us.

  4. How on Gods earth it even get that far… talk about corruption in places/ppl that we supposed to trust in… well well.. hope it’s really destroy in the endπŸ€”. .. I trust none of them.. he had to have someone inside to do this.

  5. Sugar can be illegally imported, but is it counterfeit? Will it make my tea taste like salt? LOL.. Its either sugar or its not.

    1. Was wondering the same thing. If the dictionary is correct, counterfeit is a fraudulent imitation of something else. So, is the sugar here anything but an illegally important SUGAR. TVJ if do better.

  6. Go to the wholesales downtown storage area and you would be shocked to see how, where and the condition in which food is being store. The pubic health department in Jamaica dormant.
    They turn a blind eye and deaf ear.

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