County board meeting erupts during school mask debate

CNN's Rosa Flores and Evan McMorris-Santoro takes a closer look at incidents erupting across the county as the argument over wearing masks intensifies.
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    1. @Madison Heights You’re a brainwashed low information Leftist. Totally unqualified to assess anyone or anything. You hate facts because facts oppose your Socialist policies. That is why violent socialist South American extremists never present any facts. They just crap all over the fact you present to them. In October 2016, the FBI Released these files on the Clintons. Bill had pardoned FBI most wanted drug dealer, Marc Rich

      FBI Files. If you had a brain and looked at the redacted FOIA release, you voted for Trump.

  1. Former Republican motto: “Freedom is not free!”
    New fascist Republican motto: “Freedom is anarchy!

    1. Freedom is slavery. George Orwell, 1984. It’s been thought of before. Another one from that masterpiece that everyone should read: The party ordered you to ignore the evidence of your own eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.
      The 🍊one put it almost exactly like that, and the behaviour of his followers is the result .

    2. @RC 591 cant send your kid to pre school without proof of vaccinations. Please stop pretending to be oppressed because a business is allowed to refuse service to people who dont want to protect themselves.

    3. @RC 591 also, you cannot get the vaccination because of your bad immune system but are upset because places are taking measures to ensure public safety? Gotta love bad faith arguements from people who lack self awareness.

    4. Yeah look at the BLM riots last year. We know what anarchy looks like. Although I do agree. This is insane.

  2. Teachers should strike with the unions. They might change their tune when all kids are home. Or make the whole year online.

    1. @William Cunningham I’m a teacher and I glad my state is mandating school employees now have to vaccinate. I got mine the day I could right after Biden moved teachers up on list.

    2. Corona gonna wipe out all the red hats that refuse to wear a mask and get the vaccine 💉😷.

    3. @kasy23 I bet you have major TDS and force all the white students to sit in the back of the class, and have dropped test scores so your teaching failures can be hidden under the guise of CRT.

    1. @charles Just think, our grandfathers had to storm beaches and fight house to house against an armed enemy to defeat fascism…we have it easy, act like brownshirt thugs and physically assault schoolteachers all the while behaving like entitled brats with no restraint nor cultivation.
      Freedom must be preserved! I’m with you mate.

    2. @Maria Velasco same as “rabid animals” in blm and antifa burning cities down for the last 2 years???

    3. @charles Hey, I’m agreeing with you.

      No concent is practically the textbook, clinical definition of fascism, as you no doubt already know.

      They are patriots fighting fascism, as you pointed out. Civility, culture and our civilisation must be preserved, and these people are doing just that. Surely they learned this behaviour from their good upbringing, faith, and education.

  3. There is a simple solution to this issue. Health Care Insurance Plans announce that they will not cover the hospital costs of Covid patients who are unvaccinated. The USA would get to their 80% threshold for herd immunity and thus get the country back to some sense of normalcy.

    1. They raise the premiums of smokers and morbidly obese people. Don’t see why they wouldn’t impose this too.

      Once the vaccine is FDA approved this is definitely going to be implemented.

    2. I’m in Florida, if I don’t take proper measures to protect my home from hurricanes, insurance will not cover damages. I say sign a medical waiver so Hospitals don’t get overrun, they shouldn’t have a problem because “masks don’t work and vaccines are poison”

    1. Pretty much says it all! Ignorant, irrational imbeciles demanding to establish public policy. And people in authority who should no better standing aside to let it happen. The unruly parents depicted in this video should be down at the local jail cooling their heels for public disorder. Freedom is not unconstrained liberty to perpetrate! What we’re seeing in America today is anarchy, pure and simple. Allowing malcontented parents to put their hands on teachers is a dereliction of duty by public officials.

      Our founders wrote and spoke of “liberty.” They understood the difference between the responsible use of freedom under the rule of law without depriving anyone else of theirs and the unrestrained ability to fulfill one’s desires. The parents at issue here are EXACTLY the sort who should NOT be permitted free rein to make health care decisions with long term implications for their own or anybody else’s children.

      The notion that the state lacks a vested interest in the health and safety of its children or the right to compel and prohibit behavior in accord with public policy is ludicrous. It is certainly not enshrined in the Constitution. These people are entirely out of order and should be treated as the criminals they have become. “Have you been good little Nazis?” Get the f**k outta here!

  4. Remember when these same sorta folks were clambering to arm the teachers against dangerous threats to the students?

    I wonder how they feel about that now?

    1. @Douglas Wells The relatively is couched in your impression of “safety”. You think it’s common sense to give teachers guns, but get hysterical about teachers putting a mask on their faces to protect YOUR CHILDREN from themselves possibly being carriers of a virus that is landing unvaccinated children in hospitals at alarming rates THIS MONTH. It’s not a false equivalency (or any kind of equivalency). It’s *relative* and *ironic* given your ilks’ rabidness for “safety” when it relates to semi-automatic weapons around school children. You’re beyond your depth here.

    2. I was just saying this. These parents are coming into schools and assaulting staff, violently. Arm the staff to defend against these parents. The irony of it is almost too much to bear.

    3. To clarify my original post:

      There was an active push to mandate the arming of teachers; installing costly metal detectors; and placing armed guards to “protect children”

      Now all we ask is to wear a cheap light mask to help slow the spread of a deadly virus.

      One seems sensible with proven results and the other seems like the armed fascist overreach that these sort of people “fear”


  5. The problem with American culture is everyone thinks they’re the smartest guy in the room, so it’s actually just a small step from that to this.

    1. @Thomas Raywood Yes, reporting from Switzerland, it’s awful to witness even from afar. And we do have our fair share of ignorant egocentrics… especially in central Switzerland that happens to be a bit more parochial….

    2. @Pixel Pusher We’re in chicken v egg territory here but, yes, part of solving Americans’ deep-seated tendency toward know-it-allism could very well be coming to a clear understanding of how we became this way and, as you circle around, to what other properties it knows linkages. You look at how we dealt with WWII and you can see that America pulled together just fine when it was less pluralistic. It’s having a real hard time adjusting to shifts in demographics (as is the case elsewhere), and suffers greatly from the deliberate decision (decades ago) to defund, play down, and ultimately demonize education. A small moneyed class wants to be the ruling class, and saw a promising link between that ambition and the dumbing down of the rest of us.

    3. @wwwaimiecapricecom the problem with that is that “other people’s kids” are not JUST “other people’s kids”. They are also members of the larger society. They travel with those parents…restaurants, stores, movies, crowds…potentially spreading or contracting the virus. The nature of this virus is such that I can be asymptomatic and contagious but someone who contracts it from me can die in as little as 24 hours in extreme cases. And who is talking about attempted sexual assaults? That is absurd. Why are you folks obsessed with pedophilia? Strikes me as suspicious…maybe even conspiratory.

      I agree there are areas where we should leave everyone alone. Don’t infect my kids with religion. Don’t expose them to lies about American exceptionalism and the absence of systemic racism in America. And, while you are at it, let’s start teaching them critical thinking so they know how to identify this BS.

      I wondered if you might be Afghani or Islamic. The remark about sexual assault seemed odd. Now, you are threatening to kill those who disagree with you or transgress against YOUR norms. That reflects the inherent teaching in Islam that everyone else is wrong and should die for it.

    4. And none of us can bring ourselves to ever ask for help when we need it. American rugged individualism is a lie that hurts individuals, families, and communities.

    5. @Ten Bird Nim A sign I saw at one point in England “Americans must be accompanied by an adult at all times.”

  6. its difficult to articulate how I feel about the United States, I cant even think of a polite way to express it. I am shocked on a daily basis

    1. Florida and the Deep South don’t represent the majority of us. I apologize on behalf of the rest of us.

    2. @Big Timer no problem. Most intelligent people actually follow the science and get the vaccine, wear the mask, etc. I get concerned about the poor folk who can’t tell the difference between the science and the politics.

    1. WOW I’ve seen this movie a few times because its just a great overall classic but that part in the film was really ear catching and sorta make a scary sense but who knows what’s to come stay safe cool comment by the way 👍✌

    2. Corona gonna wipe out all the red hats that refuse to wear a mask and get the vaccine 💉😷.

    1. @Matthew Chick COVID IS A NON-THREAT. We literally have 3 different vaccines which are all highly more effective than any flu vaccine ever created

      The average daily covid deaths in the us is 400. To out that into perspective 300 people die a day from Alzheimer’s and over 1500 people die a day from heart disease in the US and we still don’t call McDonald’s a public health threat and btw there data from uk and Israel proving the vaccines are still highly effective again the delta variant. If a bunch of people are getting covid but not dying why would we lock down. That like saying we should lock down because flu cases are spiking. Has any buddy ever heard of Dr. Fauci before this pandemic. I bet Dr. Fauci really loves being on the cover of magazines and on the front page of news papers. I can read data to Dr fauci I don’t need an expert to make risk assessments for me thank you very much

      There has been less than 400 deaths for people below the age of 18 since the beginning of the pandemic

      if your below the age of 20 you have more chance of dying from the flu.

      . Literally only 2500 people under the age of 30 have died from it and that’s before the vaccine

      Even the without the vaccines the chances of dying is 0.3% and that number is based on actual recorded cases but tons of people get covid and just don’t go get tested so the death rate is in likely hood alot smaller

      now we have a vaccines that are so effective. 90% percent of old people have gotten it and even for old people without the vaccine only have a 4-5 percent chance of dying compared to for example the bubonic plague which had a death rate of 50% across all age groups

      95 percent of all COVID deaths are people over the age of 50. Only five percent of COVID deaths are people under the age of 50

      80% percent of deaths are from people 65 or older and like I said we got vaccines that are effective. To put this into perspective only 30,000 people under the age of 50 have died from and that’s before vaccines. And btw an. Average flu season kills 36,000 people. So unless your old and unvaccinated I wouldn’t be that worried!!

    2. @jim Jimenez you’re teaching them to deny science, just be the loudest in the room, and name-calling and physical violence is acceptable.

    3. @solkev6084 That you think one has to choose between freedom and health policy and can’t have both is very very telling.

    1. @wwwaimiecapricecom Stop with that crap, you know that’s a lie and that it was tRuMp that made that deal with the Taliban to pull all troops out and release 5000 fighters .

    2. @UCvmYhf7bsiB3p4l7VEmnO2g trump released thousands of Taliban and even wanted them at camp David so don’t start you bullshite it was the republicans who want the pull out and who started the pull out.

    3. @t bone fisherI’m not a crazy MAGAQ so I won’t be doing that. You can still spread covid after you are vacinated. And the children and others that are not vacinated for medical reasons the mask is only twice as effective if all parties are masked. Considering your position I’m truly sorry a vaccination was wasted on you.

    4. @Roxanne Hale yes you can still get COVID if your vaccinated…. However with a vaccine your more then likely not to get severe symptoms or be hospitalized….

    5. @t bone fisher I believe if you look in the mirror, you will see the biggest, brain washed, Trump supporter there is.
      If you did not agree with my comment, you should have never responded.
      If you think you are going to intimidate me you are going to be unsuccessful.
      Really, being serious, is there anything else you need to vent out?
      So far, what you have commented is an all out joke.
      A complete and utter joke.
      Your turn. Go. Waste some more of your valuable time humoring me.

  7. That one part: “That’s not the America I know.” It definitely is the America I know, and have always known it to be. This is what happens when White privilege, convenience, and their false sense of status quo gets challenged. They’ve always been like this throughout the course of history. And once again, this is history repeating itself.

    1. @Jeffrey Muraguri When I travelled in Europe in the 70’s, I met quite a few Americans with Canadian flags sewn on their backpacks. When I asked why, they simply said no one likes Americans so we pretend we’re Canadians, I didn’t understand it then but I sure understand it now.

    2. I understand it too. In recent years I’ve claimed to be Canadian when traveling in Latin America. However, Americans who have the curiosity and openness to experience other cultures tend to not be these crazy right wing types.

    1. @Steve Andrews sshhhh from the United States we have problems I’ll give you that ……but Canada is no better, may not be as bad as it here but????? Really gonna throw stones???

  8. Frankly the USA looks like a laughing stock which is more like the “Disunited States of America”
    What a mess it looks like

  9. I can’t imagine why everyone is upset with the guy yelling at the San Diego school board meeting ! He seemed like your typical clean cut all American republican, to me !

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