1. I am impressed with Paul Pelosi. He was able to keep calm and interact with this unstable person for so long and so well. Most people would not be able to maintain the presence of mind

    1. @Pedro The Mexican It puzzles me how Democrats are getting attack by sick in the head Trump supporters and yet ya’ll are criticizing the Democrats for it and instead of putting the blame where
      it should go. Trump is responsible for this . He puts his bullshit lies into people’s heads. And this is the result of what his lies does to people.

    2. @Team America It someone is threatning you with a hammer you’d need a glass of water also. Nothing special going on.

    3. @Team America All you see is a glass……For all you or anyone knows, that could be water. Remember, you fools claimed it was a “break out” and “a lover’s quarrel”.

    1. @Muttin chops 3 They should. If they outlawed all hammers, this kind of attack would never happen again!!! 🤣😅😂😆😆😅🤣🤣😂😅🤣😅😂😆😅 🤣😅😂😆😆😅🤣🤣😂😅🤣😅😂😆😅 🤣😅😂😆😆😅🤣🤣😂😅🤣😅😂😆😅 🤣😅😂😆😆😅🤣🤣😂😅🤣😅😂😆😅

    2. @Pedro The Mexican Firearms are designed to kill people. Full stop.

      Yeah, I totally missed your guys’ calls to “take down the tyrannical government” when turmp was trying to become king for life. Turns out you “please tread on me, daddy!” boys are totally good with tyranny as long as it’s right wing tyranny.

    3. Make your jokes, but when your kids are mowed down or beat to death I wonder if that’ll be as hilarious to ya😂😂😂😂😂

    4. @Jen Kemlol he didnt even say anythign that could be considered misinformation, that means you are effectively abusing the youtube community guidilines to your benefit ALL bacause you got a little upset about a joke somebody made. Thats how pathetic you are.

  2. The reporter could have confirmed the dispatcher sent the police right away, because it didn’t become clear from this story. But apparently she did and did not leave it at, just call us back if there’s anything more.

  3. Dispatcher doesn’t seem like the brightest tool in the shed. Did she think he dialled 911 to report a houseguest? Clearly he was trying to remain calm in a frightening situation.

    1. @MasculinRise If they “didn’t know where they were going” how the hell did they arrive on the scene shortly afterwards?

    2. None of them usually are. That’s why I think it’s funny and die hard when he tells a lady what does it look like I’m ordering a Fing pizza?!!

    3. Right? Like Paul needed this airhead to ask stupid questions that by saying the wrong thing could have gotten him killed!
      Where did they get this dumb broad??

    4. @kev7161 I understand that, but I also think his tone of voice and nervous stuttering while saying a man has entered my house should have prompted her to act earlier. They are specifically trained on this. She can’t do anything to help without knowing the address, and it took 2 minutes for her to ask.

    1. @Callum remember the lies you right wing reich tried to spread about him? yeah we remember and now that the proof is out we caught you so don’t start again.

    2. Didn’t make a difference. Nothing happened until the police came. Just two guys standing in the hallway dancing with a hammer. Why was Paul smiling when the door opened.

    3. @Simulation L lmao are you stupid or what. He goes into the bathroom put down his drink and makes a 911 call and comes back out to dance with a attacker. And as the cops open the door he’s smiling instead of running. With a drink in his hand. If all you liberals are that stupid criminals will have a go time with you. Another thing when this thing first happened why is there a ton of glass on the patio. In this video you saw very little if any flying out. In fact he pushed in with his shoulder. Video show all of this. Why didn’t they show him breaking in months ago if they had the video that wasn’t a cops camera. 🤷🤣

    1. That’s the worst bit. She could at least given him some assurance that someone was on his way. It’s not always possible to keep contact.

    2. @Simulation L no doubt they are full of it, but that’s not more frightening than thinking you called the cops and they aren’t coming.

  4. In my humble opinion, the 911 dispatcher was pretty slow with evaluating the problem. He gave her so many clues, and yet, she kept asking dumb questions.

    1. I sympathize with gay Paul. Only the combination of a black tar heroin deal and hobo sodomy could dull the pain of being married to Nance

    2. @mile_high_topher because the toilet door was not closed, the attacker wouldn’t allow it. The attacker was hearing every word and clearly he was threatening because Pelosi was forced to ask when Nancy will be back which is what the attacker wanted him to.

    1. They were assessing the situation at first. As soon as they noticed the hammer they asked him to drop the hammer and he attacked mr. Pelosi immediately. This was within a couple of seconds, and couldn’t have been prevented by the police, only the attacker.

  5. My cousin is a 911 dispatcher, but if she heard this call, she’d be pounding the counter, too! How many ways can you say “there’s a strange man, I don’t know, in my house, looking for my wife”

    1. @Tele Bubba The radical liberal nudist living in SF that your liberal DA’s let out of jail called Pauly (DUI) P his friend. Its on the 911 call Karen.

    2. @Robin Wright what is that Voice Counting out the time on the audio recording? The person calling the 911 number does not have to listen to that do they?

    3. Mr. Pelosi handled himself very well to be so elderly. He continuously tried to calmly give the dispatcher hints. He said that Nancy Pelosi was his wife and this guy that he didn’t know was waiting for her at that hour in the morning.
      By that information alone, the dispatcher should have been alarmed.

    4. if you’re in a hostage situation and you don’t try to be cryptic then if you were Pelosi you would be lying motionless on the floor with your innards spilling everywhere long before the police arrive.

  6. Every day, I’m horrified at how disturbed and violent some of us humans can be towards one another. It shocks me that he survived this attack, especially at his advanced age.

    1. @TurboFreak Uh, who was it that was physically assaulting people who voted for Trump? Physically assaulting people who had Trump decals on their cars or wearing those MAGA hats? Other republicans?
      Who was it that caused _BILLIONS_ of dollars in damage and not only assaulted but even _KILLED_ shopkeepers trying to defend their livelihoods?

      Are you honestly saying that it’s been the republicans that went into “violence mode” since 2016??? For the past several years, it’s been the republican supporters that have been perpetrating the vast, overwhelming bulk of all the violence in this country??
      I’m neither a registered republican or democrat. I’m an independent and I get my news from a variety of sources; not only from those that I know will confirm any particular bias. Yet, it’s not only painfully obvious but evident which side has been very amenable to violence and destruction. One single day of rioting at one single locale (Jan 6…) is supposed to overshadow and somehow compare to the years of rioting and violence perpetrated by the “other” side?

    2. @Broad Side actually the right takes down cities through non stop mass shootings and racist assaults everywhere, be it somebody’s home. They are truly the number source of violence in the US.

    1. It’s her job to keep connected, even with stupid things. He couldn’t because the invader was with him for the second half. Have another listen.

  7. It’s amazing how easily the guy breached their security. That dispatcher should be fired on the spot.

    1. They are lovers. How else would he have gotten in? Also did you see him take the hammer away from pelosi? Watch it again

  8. The 911 operator saying “Okay call us back if you need us” has to be the most tone deaf response she could’ve given in those circumstances.

    1. The operator was feigning ignorance of the situation and trying to keep the attacker from knowing that she was sending the police, which she was doing. That’s why the PD showed up so fast.

    2. @Pamela Melton Huff Your comment may as well be from a villager 1000 years ago talking to her friends about how the neighbor is probably a “sourceress” and that the community should revolt about it. Sorry but the hammer action trumps anything else. It makes every other drama theory, conspiracy, and corruption story mute. We no longer rely on the viewers in the population to determine justice. So unless you’re a professional criminologist or a forensic scientist or a criminal psychologist, find a pie. And then somewhere to put it.

    3. @DarqJestor I hope you’re right. I suspect they got there fast because it’s a nice part of town, and the cops don’t receive many calls. They were probably just down the street. It was like that when I live din California for many years in a small nice town. If so, I can picture the cops telling th eoperator not to worry about it because they are right down the street and will just go there. I wish they could’ve stopped the hammer swing after seeing the broken window and then the hammer struggle. But it happened fast. They answered the knock on th edoor one second, for a moment you can tell they were trying to determine if it was innocent or not, probably didn’t want to overreact at the House Speakers home and end up putting her husband on the ground for no reason. Somehow I can see “overreacting” on camera being seen in the political media as more of a misatke, than what happened. They only delayed a 5 seconds then the guy swung. Scary situation.

    4. @Beebscalicor – I know. How these people can literally ignore the video they just watched of Paul Pelosi getting hit with a hammer by this lunatic and then chalk it up to a lover’s spat is beyond any logical cognition. Their eyes are not capable of seeing what is in front of them because their brain is stuck on a story someone made up about it. It’s incredible.

  9. This is absolutely horrific and a tragedy that we actually have those in our governmental body who make jokes about this or do not take this seriously. That is sick and shameful.

  10. When I lived in Pacific Heights I passed the Pelosi’s home daily on my walk to the Bay. It’s a generally safe neighborhood. I feel so sorry for the Pelosi’s and pray that Mr. Pelosi recovers. He certainly was calm. Hope the attacker never sees the light of day again. God Bless.

  11. This is honestly infuriating…I know being a dispatcher is a hard job, but shouldn’t this person know what point he was trying to make without him actually having to say it. It was obvious he was trying to speak in a way that wouldn’t make the intruder angry. Poor man

    1. I mean he had a drink in one hand and they’re standing there like “Hi-Hello”… This was weird until it was dangerous

  12. “Call us back if you change your mind.” What? He just said there is a man in his house waiting for his wife who is Nancy Pelosi. Please, fire her. It is only because Paul wouldn’t let her hang up that he’s not dead.

  13. I’m so sorry this happened, Ms. Pelosi. Thank you for all your years of service, but it should not have ended with this horrible situation. Best wishes and I hope your husband continues his recovery❤.

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