‘Cover-Up’: Florida’s MAGA Governor In COVID Scandal On Death Count Data

As Florida Governor DeSantis ignores safety measures, an explosive new report shows he might be misleading the public and hiding the accurate death numbers. According to reporting from the Miami Herald, coronavirus deaths in the state are not declining. MSNBC’s Ari Melber discusses the report with MSNBC political analyst Cornell Belcher. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @Miami Red Zone Oh, so if you go on a murder spree, I should just mind my own business? No, I get to care what you do because I should trust that you may not do what you are supposed to do. Do you think we are fools that should be gullible about everything?

    2. @Ronald King kinda like your 600,000+ number. How can you be sure that number is even remotely close. Seems to me if covid really was the big bad terrible they say. The numbers and data would be spot on so that an actual understanding of it could be possible. I would think with something so serious you would want the absolute best data you can get. Thats is at least how science should work. This political science, i believe is causing a lot of unnecessary suffering.

    3. @NiteOwl I said Florida has more than NY. The death rate is down. I never said you compared anything. I would live in a state that lets you make your own decisions. Take a closer look at Newsom. He closes down everything he can, but his own winery. He eats out, while restricting everyone else. Whitmer did the same thing, and she has the same nursing home record as Cuomo.

    4. @NiteOwl You must be stating that DeSantis did a good job getting people vaccinated. What was Biden’s Covid plan?

    5. @Clark Allison Excuse me, but when you take the fact the no one had a clue what was going on medically in that first spike, it is no wonder that New York will have more deaths especially considering that first outbreak was the 8.419 million people of New York City crammed in 468.48 square miles. Those facts kind of matter especially when you’re trying to tell people you get to stay 6 feet apart at almost all times. Now, what do you think would happen if you take a third of Florida’s population and put it in half the space of Jacksonville in terms of transmission and death especially considering the Governor never wanted to close any restaurants or businesses?

    1. @NiteOwl Well there are no recall provisions here so he is gonna have to be voted out. Until then we’re stuck with him.

    2. @NiteOwl , @Burnt Match, @ Chad Simmons put up their comments, then keep deleting them. Russian Bots being paid with bottles of Vodka…………….Just cut and paste their comments into your comments. They can’t delete you comments only their own.

  1. Don’t forget what DeSantis did to Rebekah Jones in 2020 after she warned the public about how he was skewing the data…

    1. Was he held accountable for his abuse of power in entering her home via police and taking property from her home while terrorizing the household.

    2. Right! I just said, didn’t we know all this when he fired that doctor and then SWATted her to confiscate her data to make sure she couldn’t tell the real truth to people…

    3. The only true example of “medical authoritarianism” in the US along with making cruise lines accept unvaccinated people against their will but good to see Bahamas made it law that people on cruise ships must be vaccinated , good on Bahamas.

    1. @Craig Glaser. If people wander around willy nilly, thinking that they only need a cheap mask, to be able to stay safe, even though they have all seen hours of video footage, which shows, exactly what the people who HAVE(not just want to mingle and murder) to get up-close to the infected, need to wear, to stand a chance of surviving(without contracting either of the strains of Covid)..!..!..!.. And, they have to be covered from head to foot, as well as wear a few layers of gloves, and eye protective equipment too..!..!..!.. So, if idiots like yourself, can talk themselves into not wearing a mask, even though they can be asymptomatic, or that a badly fitting cheap mask is all they need, then that’s WHY cheap masks, “give a false sense of security”(which means that those people will take more risks), especially when most people grab the front of the mask and pull it, to remove it..!..!..!.. Which is not a terrible thing to do, as long as you are wearing gloves at the time, and you remove the gloves incredibly carefully, without touching your face first..!..!..!.. Because, that mask, is likely to be covered all over the front, with the living virus(especially if you have been closely mixing with other people), that’s just waiting to get access to any moist opening in a human body..!..!..!..

    2. @Miami Red Zone Adolescents and adults with Down Syndrome have a lower resting metabolic rate of 10-15% than the general population which further predisposes to weight gain. You’re an uninformed a**hole.

    3. @J Wright bunker boy Donny let the Afghans out of prison who are now taking over , see Mike pompeo cutting the deal with the Afghan leader

    4. @Chip’s channel so did your fearless leader the very next day he pulled out the middle of the night , that’s fresh news , over 4000orusoners set free part of which did the suicide bomb that killed 13 Americans and maimed two dozen more and killing two hundred Afghanistan citizens, but not only your fearless leader didn’t stop there he foiled his own rescue mission of getting Americans out of Afghanistan and the allies , leaving americans behind that has now turned into a hostage situation, how’s that for your saviour dementia joe biden, your fearleß leader anybody better than trump attitude you have , now no nation can trust the United States, we have no credibility on the world stage along with no dignity from the souless spineless democrat party,

    1. @Zj Hawson
      Again you fail to comprehend what I am saying.
      A small country managed to do what the self declared greatest country couldn’t do. Protect its people.
      Size is irrelevant.
      The fact hat the USA has had close to 700,000 deaths compared to 26 in New Zealand shows that the government failed you.
      I can see from your other comments and the way others have spoken to you that you are not the smartest but you could at least try to think.

    2. @Zj Hawson Lol, tell us you’re not allowed out alone please. How would you know if Vernal C or anyone is a germaphobe? Stupidest comment of the day, Bravo! And tell us all about natural immunity, can’t wait.

    3. @Zj Hawson ….and basic math eludes you, no surprise. Size of the country is irrelevant, it’s …….never mind, waste of my time.

  2. Isn’t DeSadist “the Florida government”?
    So, *he’s* doing this. And thinks it’s normal. What a psycho.

    1. @Cameron Peralta same to you corrupt trumpublicans. Yelling my body my choice yet taking away a woman’s right to choose and going against the constitution, making a life saving mask political? Go read a book your ignorance is showing.

    2. @Cameron Peralta I love hearing you say this! You’re the kind of person we DON’T want taking the vaccine! It’s more for us yum yum yum

    1. We need people who can write a sentence. Not use memes as their primary method of communication – duhhhh, I mean is speaking in memes kinda like speaking in tongues?

  3. Republicans tend to vote for people who lack character. So people like DeSantis will wield power and such will continue to be the consequences.

    1. @Francis Peter he didn’t incite them. He said peacefully protest. If you think the Dems in the house saying he did actually means anything you’re crazy. Trump was never even fully impeached, if he was he would have been removed from office. That was just Nancy wanting to think she won something.

  4. Every child that dies from covid under DeSantis watch, He needs to be charged with manslaughter for each dead child.

    1. @Seymour Assis lmao Google it it’s real and joe basically asked the at the time president of Afghanistan to lie for him wouldn’t be first time joe lied 🤣look at his past filled with lies just like the democrat party

    2. @Seymour Assis trump got impeached over a phone call yet did nothing wrong this phone call biden did he should be kicked out yet crickets from the left IT’S DISGUSTING

    3. Good call . Whatever he’s doing is far ,far worse than the reclassification and number juggling hospital groups went through the second they realized that a ” covid death ” meant Federal funds .

  5. DeSantis is so full of bs on this death date ESPECIALLY when DeSantis flat out told hospitals to stop reporting deaths to the cdc and nih.

  6. Lie, subvert and prosecute those telling the truth. Hes been lying a long time. Covid, unemployment, masks… he makes up his own numbers to promote his agenda. Definitely a GOP frontrunner.

    1. @antrecia hall You are no one and nobody cares what you have to say. But you go ahead and keep repeating this post eighty times in the comment section.

    1. @Linda Davis she made a crack about that MSNBC anchor dangling from a helicopter in Vietnam, but used such bad grammar that it was inconceivable that English was her native tongue (unless sh’d had a stroke).

  7. When DeSantis mentioned that it’s how: “other states are reporting,” he was referring to other “Red” states.

  8. It seems that Florida is living up to its reputation of being where the nuts fall when you shake the country. Unfortunately people are dying because of their nutcase of a Governor.

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