Coverage of “Freedom Convoy” demonstrations as Ottawa police arrest protesters | WATCH

Coverage of "Freedom Convoy" demonstrations as Ottawa police arrest protesters | WATCH 1


  1. If this isnt considered government overreach in your eyes; I would like to know, how far is too far? When will you say ‘enough is enough’?

    1. They are protesting out from of parliament mate… where do you think peaceful protests should be allowed to protest?

  2. “When a government starts trying to cancel dissent or avoid dissent is when it’s rapidly losing its moral authority to govern -Harper in 2005” – Trudeau in 2012

    1. All I saw was peaceful protest with organizers having press conferences asking for Trudeau to meet with them. Modi in India met with farmer protesters 11 times to work out a solution. Trudeau wouldn’t meet with them even once.
      This peaceful protest or occupation as you call it WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED IF TRUDEAU would have done his job and met with the organizers!

  3. we all see the constant live coverage. I never seen any protestor engage the police or try to remove a weapon. Post a link….

  4. Anger? That’s your report? Anger in the middle of an illegal police repressive action. That’s your portrait of that protest? And you wonder why you’re hated… 👏

  5. Have you swiped any footage from the online streamers yet of the poor women trampled by the horses?? One of them on a scooter . . shame on you trudeau tv

  6. The Ottawa’s mayor authorized the Truckers to park on Wellington Street but because the PM is not willing to meet with them, now it becomes illegal. Got it!

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