COVID-19: A family says final goodbyes to their mother | USA TODAY 1

COVID-19: A family says final goodbyes to their mother | USA TODAY


The family of Etelvina Dominguez, 78 and a mother of eight, visits her the day before she died from COVID-19. Only her husband and eldest son could be there in person, with the others joining over an iPad.


The pandemic has struck racial minorities particularly hard. Latinos die from the coronavirus 2.3 times more frequently than white non-Hispanics, according to federal data; Black people die 1.9 times more often.

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  1. Theirs some sick people running around with covid , they just dont want to see a doctor because they dont want to spent money on hospital bills , always wear masked, shower daily, eat vegetables

  2. God bless her soul
    God bless her family
    Give them the strength to make it through this tough time in their lives..There is no one like your Mom..She was number one and she is half of you ..all her children..Your Mom will always be a part of you..My condolences to her husband and to all of her friends and family..I cannot believe that people do not believe this virus is real..I wish it was not real..But unfortunately It is..RIP to this lovely loving woman

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