COVID-19 and the 'new normal' for travel, the workplace, mental health | USA TODAY 1

COVID-19 and the ‘new normal’ for travel, the workplace, mental health | USA TODAY


More than a year after the world went on lockdown because of COVID-19, America is slowly opening up again. But our lives will never look the same.


Many changes are ahead for the workplace as well as the travel industry.

Seventy-two percent of companies say employees will be able to return to the workplace over the next five months, with 50% reopening between August and October, according to a Conference Board survey of 231 human resource leaders April 5-16.

Meanwhile, travelers flying this summer face a return to semi-normal skies, at least within the U.S., as many cooped-up Americans take their first vacations in more than a year. Airlines say bookings have surged thanks to COVID-19 vaccinations, a reduction in COVID-19 case counts, the lifting of travel restrictions and the reopening of tourist attractions. Some U.S. airports are already back to or are exceeding pre-pandemic passenger traffic levels.

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