COVID-19: Australian man spends 214 days in hospital

COVID-19: Australian man spends 214 days in hospital 1


An 81-year-old Australian COVID-19 patient was finally discharged from the hospital on Oct. 22 after 214 days.

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19 Comments on "COVID-19: Australian man spends 214 days in hospital"

  1. They're Distorting Your Rhthym 119 | October 23, 2020 at 6:04 AM | Reply

    0 virus.

    • @M M How do I know you are legit? You could be a plant by the Chinese government to throw civil unrest in Canada! Prove to me you aren’t trying to mental program me to be skeptical of the government.

    • @M M Also that doesn’t answer my question. So the guy in the hospital is in on it? What about his family? Are the doctors in on it too? I have a cousin that is a doctor working on the front lines, is she a government plant? Has my own family been compromised?

    • @M M Was my cousin a plant before or after she became a doctor? did they get her in medical school? Are my Aunt and Uncle compromised? They let her go to medical school so they could be in on it too.

    • @M M And what is the right timing? Why now? If you know the timing is JUST right. then you must know why! Unless you are claiming they are using mental programing you don’t understand, and if you don’t understand it, how do you know its JUST the right timing and how can you be sure you recognize it?

    • @M M Also who is my master? Who do I answer to? I don’t vote liberal so They aren’t controlling me that way. Do the conservatives strike back against the masters? How do you know they haven’t been compromised by the masters? If the masters are so strong and powerful, why are the conservatives immune to their power? Why would the conservatives keep the masters secret? It would be easier to fight them if they are out in the open.

  2. Zero masks how deadly

  3. So take hcq

  4. Sewage feeders

  5. Richard Truesdale | October 23, 2020 at 8:59 AM | Reply

    He’s old so this is normal snowflakes

  6. Adhering to those strict safety measures I see

  7. Great news wish him well recovery

  8. Call Me Ishmael | October 23, 2020 at 9:27 PM | Reply

    Yup, always give the outlier case lots of attention. Wouldn’t want anyone to know that, according to the federal Canadian data, 89% of COVID cases never spent even one day in hospital.

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