COVID-19 case count climbing across Alberta 1

COVID-19 case count climbing across Alberta


Alberta's top doctor says the majority of the province's new COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths are among those who are unvaccinated or within two weeks of their first shot.

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    1. @happy days u still haven’t learned that church and business closures was extremely fucked

    2. ​@happy daysIt’s been sixteen months and you still can’t see that the government’s reaction was worse than the virus. Congratulations, you’ve learned nothing.

    1. Once they have train the mass enough they will bring in the real pandemic, covid 19 is only a training ground , learning how to control the masses, what work and what does not

    1. Yahoo admitted, that HCQ reduses number of death 3 times, but fauci and co. banned it. Criminals.

  1. Enjoy your time out of lockdown and remember Kenneys big sign that said “Alberta Open For Summer”? Fall lockdown coming soon.

    1. NO, 12 years and older are eligible for the vaccines, and we all know it is up to their parents to decide for their own kids which as we all know are minors

  2. “No more excuses to not be immunized” ummm I just don’t want it, that’s enough of an excuse for me

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