COVID-19 cases are surging globally, new cases reach all-time high


    1. Because you keep testing and testing, that’s the problem with testing, the more you do it the more cases you’ll find. America should stop testing!!

  1. Let me guess, we are going to have a lockdown again. The whole idea of the lockdown was to not overwhelm hospitals. You would think that governments would prepare for the second wave. A camera crew broke into the Brazilian hospital that claimed to have over 5000 patients dying from covid 19. Aside from the two embarrassed security guards, the hospital was completely empty. Why the lies? Another person went to the crematoriums in Mexico that claimed to have smoke billowing from there chimney because they were working nonstop. Once again it was completely empty. Why the lies?

  2. You can say the country of origin is China.
    You can say the city of origin is Wuhan.
    You can even say that it is s virus.
    But if you comment the country and citg of origins and call it a virus, YouTube will instantly delete your comment.

  3. And how many died? It’s a simply the regular virus, fauci, recent announced that he doesn’t know too much about this virus? U, should be taken your professional licence, for lying, shame of you, dum…….

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