Covid-19 Cases, Deaths Climbing | Let It Sink In, Jamaica - March 8 2021 1

Covid-19 Cases, Deaths Climbing | Let It Sink In, Jamaica – March 8 2021


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  1. One arrogant ignorant criminal action, caused three kids to be without a mother and countless others to be without shelter.

  2. How many of the Covid test results are false positives though? I tested positive then negative within 24 hours at two different facilities. Two days later I tested again at a third facility and the result was still negative. I’ve had zero symptoms and seldom leave my house. Whenever I have to go out I have been double masking everywhere I go since June of last year!!

  3. These people not taking it seriously. Look at the zero social distancing and people walking around without any masks.

    1. @African Godman People with asthma and breathing problems are exempt from wearing but have to carry exemption from doctor (within uk)

    2. Also since the virus they are no health protection programs put in place to even test are pass these mask we using or buying from these places since this Plandemic….How do we even know where these mask coming from [all different type]

  4. Even I know why there is such an excess. GREED. There’s no reason tomatoes should ever be selling for $800/lb and you know nobody not going buy it so why do it

  5. The wisest thing that should be on every wise individuals list is to invest in different stream of income that don’t depend on the government to bring money especially now the pandemic is hitting economy pretty hard .

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  6. I am appalled with the island it business as usual how do expect to curb the spread of the of the virus when shop are opened. I live in the UK the only business that are opened is supermarkets or corner shops who sell food stuff, clothes shop are closed, only supermarkets that sell clothes or shoe you can buy from, most personel shop once per week. They need to have more restrictions it’s sad worrying about the economy while the people are dying. Think about it.

    1. I understand what you saying… I live in Toronto and we did the same thing from November of 2020 … but Jamaica is different to do that there is a lot of old ppl who depends on going to the store and there is no curb side pickup there … yes they need to lockdown the country if they want to slow down this thing… but it’s a very hard decision to make

    2. @Delgardo English we not mixing the two am just saying that there is no way the Jamaican Government can shut the country down….read carefully b4 yu start to accused ppl

  7. The tomatoes can be processed to make: juice, ketchup and paste.

    Tomatoes can be exported also.

  8. Farmers worked so hard to have their produce ready for Jamaican, more needs to be done to assist them to utilize surplus produce.

  9. Thyme is really good for cold and flu. Mix with honey and lemon is really good for flu and cough. Google thyme tea

  10. The hurbs is the healing of the Nation and I would like to know how vacine make so quick for covid and none for HIV and none for cancer

    1. Them rather billions of dollar over talking the truth this is for the rich them no want us to multiply so vaccine ago prevent that they want the world to have less people and who they want to control but jesus rules and every Kness shall bow to him them choose money over jesus


    1. Exactly the game Andrew is playing with Jamaica, do you all notice that as soon as the vaccine available we have this massive spike.

    2. These bastard are blatantly lying to the Jamaican people about Covid numbers, its not possible that 40% of the tested samples is positive, this is just a strategy to scare people into taking their experimental vaccines.

  12. Thanks for the update this makes me sad that Jm cannot budge from covid praying for everyone!

  13. Suh During Election It Did Pause…!?

  14. Reading from a screen , reading what they tell u ,where this information come from,so how do u know it’s facts because they tell u so anybody asking these questions

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