COVID-19 cases surging in Ontario, provincial science advisor warns that ‘it’s going to get worse’

COVID-19 cases surging in Ontario, provincial science advisor warns that 'it's going to get worse' 1


    1. @PixxZ except that most cases are community spread. Nice try… you would of been right if you said this over a year ago.

    2. @N P Sweden never lockdown and did not mandate the innefective masks. They have 13621 death on a population of over 10 million. That equals 0.0013 death rate. Explain that one commie.

    3. Wotch ” *PCR tests Cycle Thresholds Cases Jay Nera* ” on YT… Nera summarizes a parliamentary session in which Doug Ford’s government was exposed for *fa king* COVID cases… Doug Ford is clearly a *c r im in al*

  1. I may not leave my house as the risk seems far to high. Bodies everywhere. Although I have been very inactive and I worry about my cardiovascular health now. I feel that my risk of that has gone up. I think that no risk only exists on the other side of the grave. Has me thinking.

  2. doctors and politicians have been saying for a year now “its going to get worse before it gets better” like all that is meant to do is hide behind the fact you guys failed time and time again and dont want to take responsibility for it

  3. It’s going to get worse… because they’ll be fudging the numbers just as they have been and will continue to do

  4. Anyone pushing for lockdowns and restrictions at this point should be criminally charged and removed from their positions.

  5. So as Canadians what have we learned from this and what are we going to stop doing or are we looking for more trouble down the road let’s keep Canada to ourselves.

  6. Bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves,
    We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves;

  7. family’s my friends had covid too, but all ok after 10 days, her mom’s health not great but she hadn’t covid. They are living in a small room together, it ‘s amazing her mom hadn’t covid.

    1. they didnt have covid. What they had was seasonal purging of internal toxicity which is what our bodies do when theyve reached their tipping point. Every human is on a different cycle. Stop already.

    1. @French Mime nonsence, thats what they are telling you and for some reason you believe it..
      you can actually tell me you believe the story of how carona came from someone who ate a bat, lets be serious here..

    2. @DAVID Y yeahh ok soo what, its not like its you doing the covid tests and all you know is what you read on a piece of paper..

  8. Too many corpses on my street… I see eight on the curb across the street. Paramedics were here all day, loading up a couple dozen corpses onto their stretchers. The stench of rotting flesh here is unbearable.

    Went to 5 funerals last weekend… Six the weekend before…

    Oh, I pray this pandemic passes over soon! 🙏🏼

    1. Pfffft ! 8 corpses is nothing. In Edmonton they are using snow plows to push the bodies off the street. You have to fight with the vultures just to get your morning paper off the lawn.

      My dog was barking last night, I looked out the window and wolves were dragging bodies into the bushes and eating them.

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