1. I disconnected my phone. Canadian telecom monopoly costs too much.

    So, no. Practically and in principle, no.

    1. There will be a lot of businesses that will refuse your entry without this app. That could potentially extend to your grocery store, restaurants… etc. Guess you’ll be staying in lockdown

  2. Moving the goalposts (or shifting the goalposts) is a metaphor, derived from goal-based sports, that means to change the criterion (goal) of a process or competition while it is still in progress, in such a way that the new goal offers one side an advantage or disadvantage.

  3. It’s called a tracking device. Complete nonsense. China developed this right. Ask Snowden?? CSIS is NSA best friend.

    1. Jack Hainings you sound like a Chinese troll Jack. Chinese Trolls do play both sides of the same coin to cause disruption. Still think he’s right Richie?

  4. Ya,once they get a few they will make it Mandatory,so a big no on the stupidest idea so far.y’all got that from who…cell phones will be a thing of the past soon if you keep up this b.s.

  5. NO track & trace, NO tests, NO masks, NO lockdowns, NO social distancing, NO quarantines…YES to freedom

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