Covid-19 Delta Variant Surges In Nevada 1

Covid-19 Delta Variant Surges In Nevada

Steve Patterson reports on the latest in the Nevada Covid-19 surge.

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    1. What if your double jabbed and you catch it yet the symptoms are so mild you won’t know you have it ? Then why stop living ?

    2. Well looks like I ain’t going back to Vegas until 2023, I can wait I’ll save my money until then

    1. @Conservative News – Cuomo made an honest mistake actually fighting COVID, unlike this guy:

      Donald Trump…

      – Inherited a plan to contain a pandemic, but chose not to use it because it was commissioned by the Obama Administration.

      – Accused a doctor of faking a makeshift COVID ward set up in a parking garage.

      – Neglected to refill medical stockpiles for 3 years.

      – Mistakenly predicted that, “like a miracle,” COVID would go away.

      – Repeatedly falsely claimed we were “rounding the corner” on COVID.

      – Pushed snake oil cures and touted an endorsement by a “doctor” who said COVID was a result of “demon sperm”.

      – Left states to fend for themselves, forcing them into a bidding war against each other.

      – Pushed hydroxychloroquin as a cure despite virtually all experts saying it had not been proven, even as a treatment. When one of his claims was rebuked by a scientist, Trump responded, “I don’t think science knows.”

      – Echoed the demands of domestic terrorists who planned to kidnap and hold a mock trial for the Governor of Michigan because of her COVID restrictions.

      – Re-routed CDC data through the White House, where it was censored and re-worded.

      – Removed the WHO’s pandemic team from China months before it hit the US.

      – Shamelessly politicized the disease, calling it a Democrat hoax.

      – Repeatedly flouted local safety restrictions, the advice of the CDC, and his own COVID task force.

      – Consistently blamed China for failing to contain COVID, but failed to contain it in the US, and failed to keep his family and White House staff from contracting it.

      – Filled the COVID task force with people with more expertise in PR than medicine.

      – Tried to take millions of Americans’ health care away during the worst pandemic in over a hundred years.

      – Made multiple false claims about how it would just go away by certain dates, and was wrong every time.

      – Held many large rallies and celebrations with little to no social distancing instead of setting a good example. He removed social distance stickers from seats at at least one rally.

      – Repeatedly suggested that we should slow down testing so the numbers would decrease and make him look better.

      – Spread false propaganda about COVID being no worse than the flu after telling Bob Woodward that it was a vicious disease, and that “If you’re the wrong person, you don’t stand a chance.”

      – Claimed that 99% of cases were “totally harmless”.

      – Discouraged his supporters from listening to the medical experts.

      – Repeatedly discouraged mask-wearing and ridiculed those who wore them.

      – Constantly lied about the US fatality rate.

      – Repeatedly lied about testing rates and how the US compared to other countries.

      – Baselessly blamed Mexico for COVID spikes in the US.

      – Threatened to defund public education to try and force children to go back to school before the full impact of the disease was known.

      – Baselessly accused hospital staff in New York of selling Personal Protective Equipment “out the back door”.

      – Handled the pandemic so poorly that it crippled the economy and put 9 million people out of work, into a housing crisis, creating massive food insecurity.

      – Claimed that COVID-19 was being overblown because of the US general election despite it being a world pandemic.

      – Lied about Google engineers building a website to help Americans determine whether they need testing for COVID-19 and to direct them to their nearest testing site.

      – Claimed to have saved 2.2 million lives by restricting travel from China, but allowed nearly 40,000 people to enter the US from China. 2.2 million was the projected death toll if we did nothing at all.

      – Claimed this was something nobody thought could happen, when experts both inside and outside of the federal government sounded the alarm many times in the past decade about the potential for a severe global pandemic.

      – Wondered aloud if injecting bleach or somehow shining UV light inside of the body could cure COVID.

    2. Well said. Don’t take life for granted and take care of yourself, follow the rules because they protect you, especially on the road.

    1. @Elain Still “All they had to do was pin this specific strain down” You need animal and human trials as well and years to see what side effects the vaccination can cause. I’m not going to continue to argue with you, just research how long a vaccine takes to develop and stop replying to me.

    2. @Mike Jones The information is easily found, Google how the vaccine was created and will give you the time-line. But stay in your bubble if you are comfortable there.

    3. @Elain Still Do you understand that there’s a lengthy process to ensure that said vaccine is safe?? What do you do for a living?? Seems like you have a vested interest in spreading misinformation.

    4. Here the truth… wait and see what is going to happen to you now that you took the poison…..good luck, sheep.

  1. I feel bad for the ones that can’t get vaccinated, the people that chose not to can die for all I care!

    1. @Greg Hernandez Best info. JAJAJAJA. The WHO, CDC, and fauci have flip flopped constantly on what to do. Everything they have said to do, I can point out videos where those same people have said to do the exact opposite.

    2. Wait until Manchurian Corpse resident joe declares the next “biggest threat” to American democracy: the “White Nationalists Gender Fluid Sumerian Variant”. I think that was patented by Pirbright in 2017 along with Covid 19. Next thing you know the Dem’s are going to go door to door or start monitoring everyone’s text messages to “manage” this “threat”.

    1. @SaboTopHat in Florida, wont happen, total scam. Keep drinking the koolaid and wait for dr fraudci and fake news MSM to tell you what you can and can’t do
      Total scam

  2. She doesn’t have to put anything associated with the vaccine in her arm. She can put covid in her arm instead. Full stop.

    1. @Nicholas Newcomer government doesn’t have that authority! Unless they want federal agents to start getting shot and killed for unconstitutional unlawful actions

    2. @Mike Jones
      There are always going to be *THICK* PEOPLE
      but can in all seriousness tell me that the United States of America are not vaccinated against Rubella, Chicken pox Whooping Cough Diptheria.
      How has your society survived.
      Irish and EU Citizen

    3. @Derek Mulready People might feel better if there weren’t so many updates and changes and different recommendations and so much uncertainty about vaccinated people still being able to contract the virus and more importantly spread it without knowing they are a carrier. Don’t wear a mask. Wear a mask. Clean off everything. Don’t worry about cleaning off everything. They don’t know how long the vaccine is effective in the system…will there be a new shot every year or is it good for a lifetime? A booster? Maybe? For those that have had the virus, are they protected or do they need to be vaccinated? How long do they have antibodies? There are reports of some people’s hearts being enlarged. There was that issue with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine and reports of a new potential problem. There are so many uncertainties and for many that’s enough reason to skip and/or wait to get the vaccine.

    4. @Derek Mulready You do realize vaccines haven’t even been around long right? We’ve survived well with our natural immune system for thousands of years.

    1. If the trump Qult wants to exterminate itself, it’s only their children I feel sorry for. As to the rest, hurry up and die already

  3. During the last 3 weeks in Vegas. Many large gathering have been taking place. So, for many of us seeing these gathering. We kinda know this was going to happen.

  4. I’m in Vegas now and I always felt it was too soon after what I have witnessed during long visits since reopening.
    I’m vaccinated but still mask around big groups and indoors. Especially among young people who have consistently shown reckless behavior and other older adults who are clearly conspiracy theorists.
    The governor has followed CDC requirements since reopening, exhausted security guards, employees battling people not complying on private property like Caesars Palace.
    Fights, yelling, shoving, drinks and ice thrown in cocktail waitresses faces who asked for guests to pull masks up.
    Appalling. They finally gave up. There were never any consequences except getting thrown off property in the beginning.

    1. With less than 40% of people vaccinated it’s safe to assume a good percentage of those around you without a mask are not vaccinated.

    2. @justmemadison for sure, vaccination rate of people living near the strip are around 25% I saw on the news last night.
      Seems like many masked are vaccinated because so many aren’t

  5. This is no longer even news. Every country in the world is taking the hit from Delta. Look at South Korea – they’ve only got an 11% vaccination rate and they had relaxed on masks and social distancing, now they are slammed with Delta.

    1. They’re waiting for Pfizer and Moderna which are the 2 best vaccines in the world. Would you want the Chinese vaccine which is 50% effective or the Russian Sputnik vaccine?

  6. Keep it together, people. We will have moments like this for days to come but do not give up on each other. Compassion and unity is the way.

  7. Great, there was a UFC event this past weekend in Vegas and it was a capacity crowd. 20,000 people!! Expect this surge to get even worse.

    1. How many of those people came from different states and potentially taking the virus back with them. People are so ridiculous…it’s just a mask.

  8. people’s response to covid is just a glimpse of how they will respond to the zombie virus. we’re doomed.

  9. Have heard anecdotal evidence that fully vaccinated people wearing masks are still getting COVID-19 (Delta variant) and ending up in the hospital. A friend of a friend, fully vaxxed caught TWO variants and it killed him. I’m going back to double-masking!

  10. The problem is that most people don’t know what’s real, just what their Facebook echo chamber says

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