Covid-19 Home Care - Dr Roger Hunter | TVJ Entertainment Report - August 27 2021 1

Covid-19 Home Care – Dr Roger Hunter | TVJ Entertainment Report – August 27 2021

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  1. Yes Dr. Hunter!! Kill Dem wid di kno! Pulse oximeter, rest and steam…. A pot with hot water and some peppermint, eucalyptus, etc can be used while covering your head with a towel while inhaling is all it takes. Easier & cheaper than a trip to the pharmacy
    Run for Prime Minister sir….

  2. But andrew opened up entertainment…right…do u honestly believe the government dont kno this…let’s stop sleeping…theres always an agenda

    1. Andrew has gone off the deep end.. never dreamt it but so be it… just need to put him in the rearview and take care of #1

  3. Some of unu a talk bout real talk doctor still not taking heed, unu want to party like its 1999.
    Thats the first important message unu miss, “this is not the time fi go party”
    Some of unu who a talk about Bill gates a put microchip ina vax are some bunch of idiots, the microchip is already planted ina unu and unu love it, its called the smart phone.
    Some of you are so close to the forest unu can’t see the damn trees.

  4. Thank you Jesus someone thinks how am thinking give the people basic info to help them an there families

  5. A lot of people who catch Covid caught it at the hospital. I know of perosns who have gone to hospital healthy and come back home with Covid. Some don’t make it back out the Hospital

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