1. ​@tudeslildude this was my thought. it gave me the vibes of the chan trolls that called into the Dem primary in america to jam the lines and prevent reporting.
      the right wing has a large bag of sneaky tactics

    2. @Oleandra I should hope not, though I guess there have been a lot of sex offender politicians across history. D=

    3. I agree. Can’t imagine how anyone would even know someone was collecting CERB, let alone defrauding the system.

    4. @Carla Mountenay I know a guy who’s been in jail for the whole time and is collecting. I’m not Karen though so I’m not reporting him.

  1. I remember when the unemployment fund was fully funded and could have been self sufficient then the Government stole it and put in the ‘general’ fund…not their money to worry about or manage.

    1. Yes Paul Martin Finance Minister of the Chretien Liberals took a $60 Million EI surplus into general revenues which successive governments routinely do. This changed the nature of EI contributions which at one time were a insurance premium annually adjusted to national employment numbers to the tax they are today.

    1. Stealing money like a greasy little Marxist should be punished. If you took what you weren’t entitled to, you must pay it back. No more free ride, comrade. Get a job.

    2. Ivanna Jerkov you mad you’ll have to pay back the money when you already receive welfare

  2. oh no someone stole 2000 dollars, better waste 100k getting it back. Whats that, someone stole 30 million delivering poor quality PPE to the hospitals / someone gutted the elderly care industry leading to deaths of thousands of vulnerable Canadians / someone bought a 10 billion dollar pipeline a month before oil dropped to 30 dollars a barrel / someone bought ships that set themselves on fire from sellers who knew they set themselves on fire / someone laundered 10 billion through BC casinos / … Oh well, that’s just impossible to stop! Who cares about billions that our friends steal when we can get criminals stealing thousands of dollars! THOUSANDS!

    1. 2009worstyearever
      Ya the internet is broke google sensors you tube sensors ! What next oh they already took a gun bill and pressed it

    2. @Jacob P Yup, and apparently we’re on the low end of the AA+ rating, so that will likely drop again soon

    1. @Redmage 77 I appreciate someone finally admitting both sides have problems. :- ) I’m not for either side in particular but both sides can be really annoying, including their fans.

    2. ​@atmmachine11 Yes, same. I think of the government as a sports league. Each party is like a team, but they’re all playing for the same league.

    3. The government has encouraged staying home and collecting “free” money over actually going to work.

    1. You mean the debt that Harper tied the country to with various contracts that would cost Canada billions if we go against them?

    2. @The BS Police No, the harper government did not pledge hundreds of millions of dollars to the bank of China. The liberal government is corruption at its finest.

  3. How about some reporting on the BILLIONS of missing dollars in infrastructure spending contracts?

    1. @Deedra Czuryj It’s b/c we keep electing corruption in the form of neo liberal/neo con parties. They are pro corporation, crumbs for the ppl & they act like those crumbs are gold.

    2. Let’s not forget how Trudeau “just lost” 1.5% of GDP that was meant aside for DND and veteran affairs

  4. Why don’t you Go after the government. They borrow money, with interest, from the bank’s…and we The, tax payers, are expected to pay it back.

    1. FPScanada Figuring it out doesn’t make it just. Nor does it give historical context as to why. Government have(had) the ability to print their own money. It’s fiat and backed by nothing but belief. It is not laboured backed. You don’t make money through labour of any sort. You get money in exchange for it. Not to mention who actually owns these central non government affiliated banks. But ya just go ahead and accept is because it’s what we currently do. It’s Ponzi scheme and even if someone understands it as you claim you do, they often haven’t wrapped their heads around the consequences of having debt that can never be paid back.

    2. Phone User all the bills from a governing party should be routed to the party that was responsible for spending it

  5. Government chases thousands of dollars while billions going out the back door to their corporate donors.

    1. @W Because as we all know, small businesses are extremely profitable and almost always grow into something successful.

    2. @Roy Tallow Corporations should get help, however they must not be the first in line, however the whole country’s economy and GDP depends on these huge corps so of course they’ll get a lot of help. No point of blaming huge corps who are taking advantage of the opportunities that are being presented to them…

  6. Like this is anywhere on the list of top 100 problems in this country, bunch of blood thirsty karen cronies.

    1. Reporters always ask questions like this intentionally on the hopes that the interviewee slips up and gives them some information. She’s not dumb, she’s a journalist

  7. Wasn’t every Canadian affected by the shutdown? Shouldn’t every Canadian receive the benefit?

    1. I have not been affected at all in interior BC. I have more work than prior to covid. I definitely don’t need a CERB cheque.

    2. I have not been affected also. I do not need CERBs assistance. Thankfully I have been able to keep working

    3. I transitioned to Work from home easily and didn’t lose a cent of income. I don’t need the benefit either.

  8. This CERB BS did an excellent job at dividing the country. UBI type financial aid would’ve made more sense…..

  9. the dude is a tool…”a bill in the house that did not pass” then loosly describes penalties, yup he is a tool

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