COVID-19 in Ontario 'trending in the wrong direction': Doctor on expanding booster eligibility 1

COVID-19 in Ontario ‘trending in the wrong direction’: Doctor on expanding booster eligibility


Dr. Christopher Labos discusses why new COVID-19 measures in Ontario were urgently needed, as the province reports its highest case count in more than seven months.

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    1. @Lloyd C Yup. Now is the ideal time, parents have enough time to make arrangements for 2-3 weeks. And kids will be in the right relaxed mindset for a change to learning online for a few weeks, after 4 months of f2f. The govt just needs to act quickly

    2. @Knightfall182 your going to have alot of pissed of parents. Mostly the ones that got their kids vaxxed so they can go to school

  1. The more infectious the virus, the less the measures will work. Boosters OK, but I believe we are not in a state where economically or socially we can impose other measures, nor would it work.

    1. That’s a presumption on your part and a false presumption. This isn’t a self-help seminar and paid speakers tend to focus on what the audience wants to hear which for you lot would be pandemic denial, anti-mask and anti-vaxx rhetoric.

  2. Doctor get off the internet. Go to work. I am tried of well paid doctors trying to run the country. No more lockdowns

  3. It’s too bad the the interviewer cannot figure out that “enforcement” of these mandates isn’t optional if they are going to work. The problem in Ontario is the lack of any serious enforcement of the pandemic mandates. One could put “speed limit” signs on every road for 30 kph; but, if no one enforces the traffic laws, some idiots will continue to ignore them and put everyone at risk by speeding. Neither Doug Ford nor Dr. Kieran Moore offer any serious enforcement of renewed mandates; and, as Dr. Labos points out, they’re doing nothing more than resorting to ineffective measures that failed in the past, and that will fail again!

  4. Wow a new level of despicable comparing regular person to a bank robber. Funny how the thieves are actually labeling and blaming others when they should take a quick look at the mirror.

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