COVID-19 may spread via the air, WHO and medical experts say | USA TODAY 1

COVID-19 may spread via the air, WHO and medical experts say | USA TODAY


Explainer: How coronavirus spreads and stays in the air for hours.
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The WHO and over 200 medical experts agree with new research that shows COVID-19 could be carried by cough droplets and travel up 26 feet.

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    1. SARS was sprayed on us, President Trump had reversed by spraying Hydrochloroquine to heal us-see Gematria Effect News

  1. The longer and longer this whole thing goes on the more and more I wonder why people are not praying after all the Bible does say do not fear 365 times, this nation was founded on God and trusting in Christ, we take him out of everything and then we wonder why everything goes downhill????

    1. This country was founded on land stealing, slavery and many more horrible things. This is just the beginning of sorrows. It was written

  2. Dammit they just launched the second more deadly airborne strain. Crazy billionaires and there effort to depopulate

  3. The WHO and medical experts say…………Where ya been, we knew that back in December. Incompetents grows stronger the more he….WHO speaks, SMH

  4. If this is the case, masks may not help.
    A person’s eyes are a mucas membrane and this flu virus can easily enter via the eyes.

  5. Guess I’ll stay inside forever in my bubble while wearing my cheap surgical mask because of the big bad COVID-19 boogeyman!

  6. may spread through the air? Were just now arriving at this postulate?
    I think COVID spreads mostly through the television.

  7. So much for sanitation.
    I’ll go live in a dark swamp that’s infested with hospital needles, and blood samples.
    I’ll try to avoid the massive semi truck exhaust fumes along the way too.

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