COVID-19 pandemic: Recorded cases are just ‘the tip of the iceberg’, warns Toronto’s top doctor

COVID-19 pandemic: Recorded cases are just 'the tip of the iceberg', warns Toronto's top doctor 1


Toronto's Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eileen de Villa warned that the recorded surge of COVID-19 cases is just 'the tip of the iceberg.'

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59 Comments on "COVID-19 pandemic: Recorded cases are just ‘the tip of the iceberg’, warns Toronto’s top doctor"

  1. Albert Einstein: World is a dangerous place, no because of poeple do evil. But the poeple who see evil but don’t do anything.

  2. “Tip of the iceberg” actually means something positive… if there are 1 million cases in Canada, and only 36 in ICU, that would be even better.

    Yet this is portrayed as if it is a negative.

    • Call Me Ishmael | November 12, 2020 at 6:23 PM | Reply

      @For Posterity Now add in the fact that COVID deaths in Ontario are almost certainly overstated. The province uses a definition of a COVID death that is so broad as to be patently absurd.

    • “Tip of the iceberg” does mean something bad. It implies that we can only see a small part of a much larger thing; the rest of iceberg we can not see, as it is under the water.

    • it’s 36 in ICU in only Toronto, not Canada wide.

    • @For Posterity True with reported cases it’s just under 4 percent .

    • @bb Rena So they say but if hospitals are as overwhelmed as they claim why not show that on TV ?

  3. I hope history remembers this woman.

  4. She reads everything like its a drama like Trudeau

  5. Ok, lets rise up now this is getting rediculous

    • @m M Considering the alternative is a permanent shutdown of society, yes I do believe that restricting society is the wisest course of action. Kind of like how when you have a sprained ankle you restrict movement so you don’t permanently damage yourself.

    • @Leon Fury but the alternative is not a permanent shutdown of society…? dude are you payed to spew nonsense in youtube comments or something? your analogy makes no sense, we don’t have a sprained ankle, we have a tiny scratch at worst. I’ll fix it for you : you have a scratch and the school nurse forces you to spend the rest of your life in the hospital.

    • @Alex Marin The fact you’re not able to see what’s at risk here means we have no more to discuss.

    • @Leon Fury why is the alternative a permanent lockdown

    • @Leon Fury Permanent shutdown how society!? Shall we check on Sweden??

  6. Well of this isn’t blatant fearmongering.
    “You should assume Covid-19 is everywhere”
    I wonder what effect that’s gonna have on people’s mental health.

    But I’m no doctor so what do I know huh.
    That’s right kids, you should assume there are monsters under every bed…

    • “You should assume COVID-19 is everywhere” isn’t fearmongering. It’s like walking in a war zone and being told “hey you can get hit anytime, be warned”, and calling that fearmongering. She’s just saying to we should take precautions to protect ourselves in all settings. What’s wrong with that?

      I understand it may be distressful to some who feel like NOTHING is safe anymore, but it only feels like that since no one bothers with prevention measures since it’s not fatal. Is it really that difficult to be more careful for your own, and others, safety?

    • @Equiby careful sure no problem but that is not what is being asked is it?

  7. Stephen Thomas | November 12, 2020 at 6:13 PM | Reply

    Yes, eating outside in Canada in November is an option.

  8. Someone needs to keep count because they will exceed the population of Canada then we will know for a fact.

  9. Destroying Society: for 99.97% Survival Rate

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s been divorced 5 times. Seems like a nightmare to deal.

  11. Deaths? What about the deaths?

  12. Again, SARS-coV-2 is simply everywhere, is highly contagious, and can pass through masks, but if you get infected, you are not being diligent enough. If numbers go down, you can praise your leaders and tiktok nurses.

  13. Captain Axlerod | November 12, 2020 at 6:30 PM | Reply

    She’s not sorry

  14. You know that the PCR Test reports False Positives and also detects other Coronaviruses

    • It tests positive even for cold/flu symptoms, so it would be a false positive… Ppl still die from flu/colds, but it’s usually the elderly.

  15. HighStreet Killers | November 12, 2020 at 6:42 PM | Reply

    Wish I owned a gun to protect myself from government

  16. Lots of words, but saying nothing. Issues disconnected, propaganda in full swing. What a disgrace.

  17. Ask Dr. de Villa why public transit is NEVER an issue.

  18. she’s special, she’s not wearing a mask!? lol

  19. Humanity is doomed | November 12, 2020 at 7:54 PM | Reply

    Why is this person in charge of my life? I never voted for her, I cannot find her accountable for any bad decisions effecting my life. Does she even have the authority to dictate anything to me? Where is the proof that she has any power to enforce anything?

  20. Mitchell Christensen | November 12, 2020 at 8:32 PM | Reply

    MSM and this dictatorship of a government are a joke

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