COVID-19 programs have caused Canada's deficit to skyrocket 1

COVID-19 programs have caused Canada’s deficit to skyrocket


Evan Solomon has the latest on a PBO report showing COVID-19 aid has caused Canada's deficit to skyrocket to $328.5 billion.

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  1. Maybe if we stopped funding other countries and out of country projects, we wouldn’t have as much debt to begin with all this foreign aid all the time when we cant actually afford it. the Gov needs to learn how to budget and give back to Canadians untaxed for all the hard work we’ve been through

    1. The whole world is suffering just because CHINA CCP stupidity, but no one talk about china virus spread to the world. Nobody blame CHINA.

  2. Born too late to explore the world, born too early to explore the universe, born just in time to see the Canadian welfare state collapse.

    1. Stephen Harper also scrapped the long gun registry. While the lie fer alls pull an OIC stunt. AND the NPD supports THIS minority government.

    2. @Anon Webuser Held First Nations accountable for their money as well

      Chiefs were being ousted nation wide

      The First Nations were on their way to self governance by having the right leaders who could account for the money they were getting and giving it to their communities

      It was working

  3. Trudeau as our PM has caused our deficit to skyrocket Covid had nothing to do with it because it was the highest it has ever been in the history of Canada long before covid came along.

    1. Agree, however if TurdOWE had stayed the course that Mr. Harper had charted out, we would have been in a much better position to cope with this financial fuster cluck.

    1. Harper was great. Liberals/Dems destroy everything they touch. That is just a fact, easily researched with stats.

    1. John Holmes Thanks for the Laugh….I needed that…Sadly what your saying is true though. Nice to see all my Tax money going offshore for some reason unknown to me.

  4. The cause of the sky high deficit is Trudeau. He has spent more money than any other PM in the history of Canada and that was long before covid came along so remember if you voted for him you are part of the problem.

    1. Its less than 0.01% mortality rate. Especially with the skewed death numbers, where everything is counted as a Covid death, as long as you tested positive when you died. See how many deaths there have been per day, over the last month? Almost none. There are 0-2 deaths everyday now. That is because they changed how the deaths are counted. This is how the death numbers should have looked the entire “pandemic” so far. It’s just in the beginning, like I said everything was counted as a Covid death. IF they were counting deaths more accurately from the start, like they are starting to do now, the numbers would be very different, and the death rate would be like 0.0000000001%

    2. @Slugontharug Covid must have been planned… what puzzle me the most is how it did not leak because each and every nation was in it…

  5. COVID had nothing to do with it. It’s the Liberal spending pandemic that’s gripped this country. JT is the true virus in Canada.

  6. It’s criminal the amount that is being spent. Cases do not equal deaths or hospitalization. My money, your money is being wasted.

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