COVID-19 : Reporter details time on cruise ship with positive cases | USA TODAY 1

COVID-19 : Reporter details time on cruise ship with positive cases | USA TODAY


Morgan Hines, a USA TODAY Travel Reporter, detailed her time aboard a cruise ship with positive COVID-19 cases onboard.


Thursday, July 29, was COVID-19 testing day on Royal Caribbean International's Adventure of the Seas cruise ship, which offers testing as a courtesy to passengers before the sailing wraps up since many need a negative test to return home.

Six passengers had tested positive for COVID-19, first with antigen tests and later confirmed by the more-reliable PCR tests – four were vaccinated, and two were unvaccinated children.

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    1. Even being vaccinated, if you’re around a lot of people inhaling and breathing in their air droplets, of course your chances of getting COVID-19 is greater.

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