Covid-19 Restrictions Withdrawn | TVJ News – Mar 17 2022

Covid-19 Restrictions Withdrawn | TVJ News - Mar 17 2022 1


  1. Damn I’m coming to Jamaica in May seems like when I come back this time life will look

    1. Chantidiva myself is going in may too i was there when covid breakout at that time Jamaica was not the same Jamaica but hopefully things will look better i was hoping that the PCR test would have been discontinued

    1. More than fool . It all started with them locking down part of BullBay when they said that they found covid there and treating the resident like they had the plague ….. now all of a sudden everything is back to normal . Dem really teck people to fool

  2. If them never have them party 🥳 a catch them we would not get a chance like this and we know say the laws are going to abuse us badly in every way possible

  3. They should have gotten a bigger fine that joke thing this.. Watch dem a laugh lol slap on the rist once again…. Regular jamaicans got bigger fine than that.

  4. Thank you . Prime minister has been waiting long ttime for this soon Jesus is coming back so we need a little more of travelling and free to enjoy creation .. Thank you very much

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