COVID-19 Risk At GOP Convention Shrouded By Florida Data Opacity | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. I notice it is always the Republican Governors. They do not care about anyone they only care about the economy.

    1. DC Means I : Oh, you put that very well, my friend. I’m going to remember how you expressed that. You captured the hypocrisy of a Trumpophile in one eloquent statement. Well said, sir ✌️👍

    2. How embarrassing to be mindphukked by msnbc serpent brainwashing disinformants.
      The democratic serpent left antichrist network is the devils legion, they orchestrated all the mass shootings and terrorism gutting the nation with fabricated lies and manufactured crimes for full beast system Demonic tyranny and the destruction of humanity paving the way for the Antichrist

    3. Which is funny because if you look at Republican economics you quickly realize they are complete failures. In 90 years every single Republican President crashed the economy, and look at Kansas and Oklahoma about 6 years ago when the Koch brothers installed a bunch of libertarians and within 2 years they had to beg Obama to save them because they couldn’t even pay cops or teachers…

    1. @punk 2008 You have not been keeping your info updated … Ron DeRacist , fired a scientist , when she refused to falsify results on Covid 19 , he has ordered all coroners in Florida to lie on death certificates , if its Covid 19 related death they cant write that as reason and he even removed his own Surgeon General from a press meeting about Covid 19 when SG started talking about wearing a mask and social distancing … also there is no stats from Florida about hospitalizations of people that have Covid 19 … so yeah , i dont really believe Florida numbers at all , when only thing republicans can do is lie and be anti science .

    2. punk 2008 – Florida is not giving the correct numbers. They fired the person in charge of keeping them because she would not manipulate them. Besides as you know, or should know, opening up leads to an increase in those with the virus. I live in Scotland where we have quite strict rules. England has opened up more, and its R number has almost doubled in London.

    1. love chaos steel of blaming Trump for everything.. you’re trying to distract from the real issues facing the Senate right now… trying to cover up the cover-up with a cover-up…. but the water is getting low in the swamp…

    2. Bono- its visious cycle. Everyone on earth needs to wear masks outside, avoid large groups and practice social distancing. None of this is happening consistently. Its a frigging nightmare that ppl don’ t get it, or believe it.and therefore ignore the precautions. How can we get rid of it?

    3. i think the republican plan is to get everyone sick as fast as they can, so they can put the survivors back to work making them money

    1. @terry its just pathetic… The worlds biggest superpower brought to its knees by a crappy connan and the GOP who enabled him.

  2. So which province of China is Florida. America deliberate hiding its data. Need to call in Chinese investigator to find out the truth

    1. @1harperaj you didn’t convey any information you just uttered out a bunch of nonsensical gibberish that made no sense, that’s on you

    2. @1harperaj We will get through it. Trump risking his voters is priceless. Gonna be a whole bunch GOP elected like senators and congress critters too. Glad I got out of that party decades ago.

  3. I’m encouraging republicans to go, you guys should rally (without masks)……..see what happens.

    1. Michael Frame The only with encouraging Republicans to go to the convention is: they’ll spread covid-19 to others back home.

    2. The delegates probably all have health insurance. The workers on the cruise ships, in the hotels and convention centres, maybe not.

    3. They need to pack the rally to cheer ol donny up. They really must cheer yell scream take deep breaths yell as loud as they can. Take away donny boo boo face

  4. Bunker boi can refuse to let the cruise ship to dock so he can say it’s not his problem and he likes the number better this way.

    1. If they need more airport capacity, they could always use a carrier…
      When corona is found there, he can also opt not to evacuate that ship too ^^

    1. Republican administrations act just like China. Keep the bad news secret. The good thing is they will be killing off their own voting base.

    2. @Elizabeth Burton Hi, I am here to troll easily offended pedophile democrats
      *_Donald J. Trump is the president of the United States of America_*
      Thank you

    3. They can’t recall the Florida Governor. All they can do is flip the State House and impeach Desantis.

  5. Put the whole party on these ships and send them back to their homeland Mother Russia. Moscow Mitch can be their admiral. Trump can swab the decks. Covid can be their navigator and the economy can be tied to their anchors.

  6. At this rate Mexico will not only pay for the wall, they will be building it themselves, just to keep US Americans out.

    1. @Wiebe Stuive I certainly hope so. The last thing the EU needs is an invasion of infected US migrants, er, sorry, I mean tourists….

    2. So apparently there have been some Americans sneaking into Canada through a loophole. Please don’t come.

  7. Why don’t they just put the RNC visitors in nursing homes? There should be plenty of room available now..

    1. Tor Hunemark Ever wonder if they’re doing this to clear out rooms in the nursing homes when their average delegate needs to go in one in a year or two>

    2. @David Hale Covid positive is patented now? wow! is it Monsanto again? or Philip Morris? So Cuomo killed 5000 elderly? does he not like older people?

    3. @Printagic Online Well between you and me, I find it quite idiotic of David Hale and scottem27 to blame Cuomo for the deaths of people in his state when he spent so much time trying to get help from the US government in handling the covid spread due to bunkerbaby lying about the severity of the pandemic for so long. IF bunkerbaby had taken action two weeks earlier, there would have been less spread in NY. IF bunkerbaby had not thrown out the pandemic manual and all the people equipped to deal with it, there would have been an action plan. IF bunkerbaby had provided the necessary medical equipment, personnel and transport to less overrun out-of-state hospitals, there would have been far fewer deaths in NY. But let’s not bother telling David Hale and scottem27 all of that because they obviously cannot think very clearly. It might cause them undue confusion.

    4. @David Hale typical bunkerbaby-follower response! congratulations, you are as low and small as your leader.

    5. @David Hale So, basically, you admit that nobody should have listened to the president. Good, finally an honest response. All the rest: the media, the other politicians, etc. the president has said it often enough: they’re all fake, right? Nobody listens to them! Everyone listens to bunkerbaby-the-stable-genius. And here are the results.

  8. Evolution wise, it’s called thinning the herd, go for it repub’s lick all the doorknobs you wish.

  9. I say let them do it. They even signed the waiver. They should also include in the waiver about not seeking any medical help if they get sick. The doctors and nurses shouldn’t risk their lives for these ppl.

    1. I worry for the frontline hospital workers, we should be trying to make their jobs easier! Natural selection is a funny thing I guess…

    2. The hospital won’t be an option when the next spike hits. They will have to self treat because hospitals will be at capacity. At least they will die free. Freedom has its price and they seem willing to pay.

    3. Ted cox another puppet of fake outrage. Predictions bout things that haven’t happened. The so called experts said there was gonna be millions dead in the beginning. They were wrong weren’t they. Now they come out again with their fake predictions and like a puppet your repeating their nonsense..

    4. David Hale hahahaha you made me laugh. So funny. Hope you have a great time at the rally. And if you have time, please go back to school and get yourself some education. People like you are the reason why “America will never really be all that great.” Headed for being a third world country, actually.

  10. The cruise ship, like Trump, will probably have their guests sign a waiver. 🤦🏻‍♀️😷😷😷

    1. cindy clarke if you have proof of that why aren’t you filing a lawsuit against him then? Instead your just spewing nonsense on YouTube

    2. cindy clarke you sjws are pathetic. You praise the destruction of American cities by rioting and looting. Yet have mental breakdown down over a rally peaceful rally not burning buildings not killing people not destroy businesses. And that upsets you. Amazing

    3. @David Hale Crying about what ? Trump the yellow stripe coward ,bet he joined his father at many Klan meeting did you see him there ,has you like assumptions I guess you was there with that confederate flag

    1. @David Hale bootlicker, still on the trump bleach-Aids then kool-laid, time you step away from your sheeple and get help right away.

    2. @David Hale Biden was out with the protesters, most of last week, where have you been? You might want to start thinking about which fascist criminal you’ll be following next year. As Trump is done, there is no coming back from killing over 120,000 people.

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