Covid-19 Vaccines Expire Tomorrow | TVJ News - Sept 29 2021 1

Covid-19 Vaccines Expire Tomorrow | TVJ News – Sept 29 2021


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  1. Expired vaccine will be mandatory, take your vaccine whether expired or not, it will not harm you and we will not take any responsibility for your loss of life, thank you. Voice of brogad evil boss.

  2. That’s not how herd immunity is done.Poor people.Don’t even know they can get the correct info. Use your smart phones to research.Stop using it to gossip.

  3. They don’t wait to spend money to buy Pfizer but they spend the buy other things that will benefit them God help you people

    1. The people them too stubborn, them not going to know themselves until their back against the wall. Many people said they weren’t taking it and as America start to lay down rules at port of entery (back against the wall) so black people stay.

  4. Only the blood of Jesus can heal deliver and set men free. God has not given us a spirit of fear , but of love power and of a sound mind.

  5. Why is the jamaican authorities still talking about heard immunity
    When all over the world it has not worked

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