COVID-19: What to know about new testing requirements for air travel | JUST THE FAQS 1

COVID-19: What to know about new testing requirements for air travel | JUST THE FAQS


Here's how new COVID-19 air travel requirements will affect your next international trip.
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The U.S. has updated requirements for international air travel. From testing to mask mandates, here's what you need to know before booking a flight.

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  1. Driving by car is more enjoyable than flying outside of occasional traffic and at this point airlines can suck it I’m never flying under my own expenses ever again

    1. That’s so degenerate and stupid. The vaccines don’t even remain in the body. Lolz purebood? Seriously? That’s at least an award winning bad take for sure.

    2. @Jeff Padgett how old is covid19… old is the jab… what are those side effects again……like the 5yr side effects in kids jabbed at 12…….no need to reply…have a golden day

  2. Can’t believe so many people are putting up with this government overreach. And new york what happened to you new york

  3. So we have a new mild variant and Delta numbers are going up during cold and flu season. You don’t say? I guess the good thing about covid is it cures all other diseases.

    1. Want to ensure your safety through the Paranoia Pandemic? Ignore the vaccine mandates, turn off the Fake News MSM, eat healthy, exercise, take proper vitamins and supplements as needed, and a dram of usquebaugh. Enjoy.

    2. @Richard Landis No thanks… I’d rather do the death shot… And, it’s only “paranoia” if you’re alone..I’m fine with being deluded by MSM and my fellowship of fat sheep…. All praise to our cult leader Fauci

    1. YouTube dislikes function as an echo chamber. The overwhelming majority of Americans particularly more left or liberal leaning demographics don’t even engage in these uploads nor fool themselves by pressing the like/dislike as if it represents anything you think it does. Whoops

  4. What restrictions are in place should you want to enter the country illegally from our southern borders? Please update the American public on what guidelines are in place there.

  5. Why test air traveler’s when we have an open border with zero testing? Why test when a fully vaccinated cruise ship reports dozens of cases on board?

    1. I believe the government should be more concerned about testing for intelligence starting with Biden and Homies.

  6. ** (sarcastically speaking of course, which needs to be stated these days) ** So interesting that this only has 28 likes. And I think those people are either paid shills OR just not paying attention.

  7. A negative 24hrs before flight…. How is that preventing the spread of this seasonal flu? Gotta keep it below the threshold of public complaint, if ya wanna keep it alive, I guess.

  8. Tests in the UK are about £150. Do you want to pay that twice? before and after on 2 day? wow! someone is earning a lot of money…

  9. Now that Youtube removed the dislike counter, they’ve drawn all our attention on the “like” counter, which has proven to be equally brutal

  10. t’s just a mask.” “It’s just six feet.” “It’s just two weeks.” “It’s just non essential businesses.”” It’s just for the useless eaters” “It’s just non essential workers.” “It’s just a bar.” “It’s just a restaurant.” “It’s just to keep from overwhelming the hospitals.” “It’s just to make the cases go down.” “It’s just to flatten the curve.” “It’s just a few inmates.” “It’s just to keep others from getting scared.” “It’s just for a few more weeks.” “It’s just in church.” “It’s just a bracelet.” “It’s just an app.” “It’s just for tracing.” It’s just for tracking ” ” It’s just more dying people ” “It’s just to let others know you’re safe to be around.” “It’s just to let others know who you’ve been in contact with.” “It’s just a few more months.” “It’s just a large gathering but for protests.” “It’s just a few violent protests.” “It’s just a vaccine.” “It’s just a little microchip.” “It’s just a blood test.” “It’s just a scan.” “It’s just for medical information.” “It’s just a vaccination certificate.” “It’s just like a credit card.” “It’s just a few places tht don’t take cash.” “It’s just so you can travel.” “It’s just so you can get your driver’s license.” “It’s just so you can vote.” “It’s just a few more years.” It’s just another 100,000 doses” ” It’s just more booster shots” “It’s just another variant” ” It’s just another scientific study” ” It’s just another injection in our bodies” “It’s just more studies” ” It’s just to not let people make their own decisions” ” It’s just for people with underlying causes ” ” It’s just more lies from the CDC” “It’s just more vaccine mandates”” It’s just about get the vaccination or loose your job” its just a train, its just a camp, its just a shower, ” It’s just the (New World Order.) my eternal soul belongs to god , the perpetrators of this evil also must atone b4 god

  11. What you need to know is this a Norwegian cruise ship carrying 3200 passengers and crew with 100% vaccination came down with Covid.

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