COVID 19: Why are Black Americans lagging in vaccination rates? | USA TODAY 1

COVID 19: Why are Black Americans lagging in vaccination rates? | USA TODAY

Less than a quarter of Black Americans are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, according to CDC data from mid-July.


Health experts said the life expectancy data is further proof of the disproportionate effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on communities of color.

Black Americans are hospitalized with COVID-19 at 2.9 times the rate of white Americans and die at two times the rate, according to CDC data. Latinos are hospitalized at 2.8 times the rate and die at 2.3 times the rate of white Americans. Native Americans are hospitalized at 3.3 times the rate and die at 2.4 times the rate.

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    1. Dems no exactly where They are… They Live and Work in Democrat Controlled City’s and States.
      Take Their Jobs away, allow Open Borders to continue the flow of Illegal drugs and weapons into their City’s, create chaos, unrest and division by giving them the tools needed to either imprison themselves or to Kill themselves. and simply Blame it All on the Opposition.

    2. @Ana Lara whoa there ya bigot. That sounds like some… segregation. Something the DemoKKKrauts like.

    3. @Chris James amen WE GOT OUR BIBLE BACK AND KNOW HOW TO READ… WE NOW KNOW WHO WE ARE..that why God punishing the Other NATIONS that put there hand on the Covid-19 to give it out to us… look at it China.. India that was behind the scenes.. European u are next….Our GOD HATE UR EVIL ……. WE GOT NEXT!

    1. Black people makes things popular……If Black people support it, other races will undoubtedly follow just as they ALWAYS have. But not THIS TIME, Black people are saying HELL NO to the Poison.

    2. @freakjob0 comments like that is why no ones gonna take your bio-weapon ,also bio-weapons dont do well in the wild or they be spraying them on our food

  1. Personal choice. Point blank.

    Stop separating us and treating us like we’re too stupid to do regular things.

    1. @Cee Jay that’s been used for eons…jk with the eons part but Noone is telling them not to use it…

  2. Clearly if the vaccine rates aren’t equitable, there can only be one explanation: Joe Biden’s vaccine roll-out is systemically racist. That’s how this works, right?

    1. @Eric Gatlin that’s right its up to the individual if they want to take the Vaccine or not !! I’m a 66yrs old black woman and only have one kidney because i gave my mother a kidney 39 yrs ago and i have never had a problem after doing that and I’m still a very healthy person i don’t get sick not even a cold I’m so Blessed !!. But i choose to get Vaccinated and i been just fine !! And would care who was President it’s not about that it’s about saving lives !! JUST THAT

    2. @David Montgomery yo are one of the most ignorant fake I have ever encountered. A f…ing insult!

  3. “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help. ” -Ronald Reagan

  4. Are these all Trump supporters because I keep hearing from the news that it’s the Trump supporters that wont vaccinate?

    1. Using the “evil orange man” to explain everything wrong, doesn’t seem to be working as well as it did last year.

    2. They (the media, politicians) want you to believe that its about “Us vs Trump supporters” when in reality its “Us vs anyone who doesn’t agree with us”

    3. the young liberals are the ones I see that aren’t ,I dont know one that is vaccinated but Im sure there is .Just none I know when I ask, all in their 20s and they go silent when I say Im vaxxed,so let that sink in.None jump up and say I got my vaccine me me cause they know something the rest of us don’t apparently time for boomers to go nighty nite

  5. Because they are smarter than the media makes them out to be, that’s why. Maybe the media should stop trying to separate one race from another in their fake statistics and just say humans, or American’s like most of us do.

    1. @Martin Zitter Im not religious but why would a basically demigod need to? Dont understand your argument/spamming this question all over the place

  6. As a black american, I’m not taking the jab. Reason being: I don’t need to. My body, my choice, remember that?

    1. @Platoface The last I head you could be a Delta variant carrier even if you’ve been vaccinated. So why shouldn’t I inconvenience myself a little bit if it might protect others?

      Besides, as long as doctors require masks in their offices I figure I might as well keep wearing mine.

  7. They remember vaccine testing on black populations in the past. the older ones who remember are saying no way.

  8. My mom, sister, brother and uncle all got sick the day after their shots. I’M GOOD. We choose not to get it for obvious reasons.

    1. That’s not uncommon though. Hell, the guy giving you the shot tells you it may occur. That said, if your family had strong reactions, you probably would as well.

  9. Wait, so you’re confused as to why a specific demographic that’s been used and abused by the government, doesn’t trust them? Hmm……

    1. Why limit it to a specific demographic? We’re all being used and abused by government. Maybe if we didn’t let them divide us into sections we would actually be strong enough to fight back against them … NAH, TRIBALISM DOE

  10. “You ain’t black unless you take the thing. Come on, man!” – Joe “10% for the Big Guy” Biden

  11. When have y’all ever made it a mission to push a vaccine this hard? The different bribes you use are hysterical. Tuskegee? Remember that? All prior EXPERIMENTS aside, it is a no from me. It’s not because I’m unable to get it either. I just don’t want to. Y’all have at it though

  12. Because as the old saying goes, “fool me once shame on you, fool me 1000Xs your own govt might be trying to kill you!”
    – Snake Plissken

  13. Cuz they don’t want to? Kinda like Mexicans, white people, and many others. The more you push, the less likely we are

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