COVID-19: Will new a new lockdown in Toronto help slow the spread? 1

COVID-19: Will new a new lockdown in Toronto help slow the spread?


Dr. Ronald St. John breaks down the new restrictions in Ontario, and if new lockdowns will help to curb the growing viral spread.


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    1. 12000 dead out of 320000 cases. That’s 25 times more deadly than the flu. There. I did the math for you. If you want to get it, go on and take your chances but please die alone at home and not spread it to any one else, and don’t take a bed, or healthcare funds at a hospital that some one else may need.

    2. @Joseph V 23 in 100,000 die of influenza every year in canada. Currently 30 in 100,000 are dying of covid in canada.

  1. It will help as much as the first one did, along with mandatory masks, and curfews at bars and restaurants.

  2. You can no more stop clouds from passing overhead then you can stop the spread of covid. That’s already been proven. Destroying the economy and country along with it makes absolutely no sense. HCQ has always been the answer but the sick individuals forcing this country to its knee’s don’t want you to know that. Wake up Canada!

  3. Lock downs do nothing, Quarantines do. If we had all been quarantined for 3 months the moment this happened it would have been removed from our environment by now. But you devolved masses just had to sperg out about “muh freedoms” when you should have considered yourselves free to save your nations and stay tf inside for 3 months.

  4. Spread of what? With this explosion of cases…you would think….hospitals around the country are full times ten…..however….even during the “1st wave” hospitals were mostly barren….

  5. lockdown but dont lock the schools???? make a lot of sense
    this doctor and that dr tam are living in another world, they got paid every week and no worry about mortgage and rent.

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