COVID-19 won't completely go away even with vaccine, another surge possible after Christmas: doctor 1

COVID-19 won’t completely go away even with vaccine, another surge possible after Christmas: doctor


Dr. Chris Labos says that despite the fact a vaccine is coming, if people gather for the holidays there will likely be another COVID-19 surge.

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    1. Certainly more than they knew in February but there’s still likely to be more surprises. You do realize that science is a process of discovery and no one is omniscient.

    2. @John Wang you do realize it isn’t novel at all and based on the morphology of sars cov and coronaviruses the basic mechanisms of actions and inflammatory cascade are the same. There’s not going to be any surprises other than we’ve known how to treat this all along.

    3. @Cmac And the genetic difference between a chimpanzee and a human is around 1%. The fact that the SARS-COV-2 virus is genetically similar to SARS and MER does not negate the fact that this virus was novel when it crosses into the human population. Of course novel viruses are likely to fall into various families of vaccines of which we know examples of, that does not make it less novel. Indeed that is the definition of novel and before the virus was given the name of SARS-CoV-2, it was referred to as the Novel Corona Virus. None of what you’ve posted would negate it being considered novel. Keep in mind that with both SARS and MER, the disease was far more contagious when symptomatic while with COVID-19 it appears to be equally infectious when asymptomatic with the peak being when it turns symptomatic, our early policies were based on the infection patterns of SARS as that was what we knew and those measures proved less effective than we hoped, that’s the nature of a novel virus, we didn’t know much about it’s behaviour so we made judgements based on it’s close relatives that we knew of and paid the price of having been wrong. About the only argument against calling the virus novel is that we’ve known of the virus for ten months now but as we still do not know alot about the virus, it’s still fair to consider it novel. It’s really quite ridiculous of you to argue it isn’t a novel virus, find an actual epidemiologist and be chided for your foolishness.

    4. Conclusion: Rupatadine can inhibit histamine and cytokine secretion from human mast cells in response to allergic, immune and neuropeptide triggers. These actions endow rupatadine with unique properties in treating allergic inflammation, especially perennial rhinitis and idiopathic urticaria.

  1. Yearly coronavirus shots incoming $$$. Lets vaccinate the elderly and whoever else wants it and move on with our lives.

    1. 1. LTC homes, 2. Doctors/Nurses/PSW workers/3. Teachers 4. Indigenous and remove grey zone lock down by March 2021.

  2. When others said this months ago they were called crazy. When they said a vax would be ‘ready’ this year, they were called crazy.
    Others are saying it will be mandatory and track your every move forever, they are still being called crazy. Why?

    1. Because that is a really stupid idea and anyone with a brain can figure out that its not true. Only someone really dumb would believe it.

  3. And in the highest offices of bad governments everywhere they are all high fiving one another in complete ecstasy of how they actually got the public to believe all of this.

  4. In Canada, we experience the most deaths in the general population in Jan leading into Feb. There will be a lot of deaths next month due to the uvb factor. This is how things are living in the northern hemishpere .

    1. Presumably by UV-B light exposure you are referencing natural vitamin D production. The north certainly has vitamin D deficiencies as they even have issues with rickets but vitamin D supplements are inexpensive and could easily address the problem. They need to hand out vitamin D supplements for free for the next few months. Also, most provincial healthcare won’t cover blood tests for serum vitamin D unless a diagnosis has already been made, they should relax this and gather some data on how widespread vitamin D deficiencies are.

  5. Another “expert” wow who would of thought, they can have as many waves as they like. They just want to keep the population in fear so they can’t think rationally. I’m really sick of these liars, this flu has a greater than 99% survival rate.

    1. Anyone who believes this greater than 99% survival crap either failed math or can’t be bothered to verify the actual case fatality rates posted by John Hopkins.

    1. @Hello Well let’s say the subject matter was different and they were interviewing a baker. How would I know he was a baker unless he was holding a wooden spoon and had flour on his hands?

  6. surprisingly….when schools were reopened….there were….almost nil cases? especially to shut schools down? how many times do you as a news org….have to post this crap….

  7. I looked up this guy, he’s very much real. Lol lots of mixed reviews though, which is typical as it should. You always should get more than one opinion.

    It’s how it used to work, better.

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