Covid And The Taliban: Afghanistan's Growing Humanitarian Crisis 1

Covid And The Taliban: Afghanistan’s Growing Humanitarian Crisis


From Covid, warfare, and the Taliban, there's a growing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Dr. Nahid Bhadelia and Gen. Barry McCaffrey joined us to talk about that.

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  1. Well, with Talibans back in power, it will be a return to the terror of the 90’s over there. For those who were too young or were not born in the 90’s . I can’t stress enough the horrors that occurred in Afghanistan at the end of the 90’s, the images, the words. You can’t imagine them until you see them. not good to be an Afghan now. Poor people.

  2. What a sad and desperate image of a mother clutching her two children closely together , the fear and hopelessness.

    1. @Gary Oakham who are you to say which candidate I voted for? Geez! I’m looking at the image of humanity and life , stupid!

  3. The value of the American Word was already zero, since Vietnam, the cowardly flight out Mogadishu, the betrayal of the Kurds and now Afghanistan.

    1. We nursed the Afghan military for 20 years. It’s about time they learn to spread their wings and fly out the nest.

    2. America got caught with her panties down. It’s over now. America was broken by an orange, lying, adulterer, criminal treasonous game show host failure.. Lock Him Up!!!

    3. @epinephrinsr71 Gee, maybe negotiating a peace, with a terrorist group, while keeping the country’s government away from the table, wasn’t a great idea. You say we “nursed” the Afghani army, yet we treated all, we left in control, like they didn’t matter, that is infantilizing.

    4. @Deborah Freedman Yeah, if you can’t build a viable military to defend your democracy after an entire generation, more money than your country would see in a century, and the greatest fighting force on earth defending you, you’re just never going to. It takes willpower and heart. The Afghans have lost more than half their country without a single Alamo to call their own, no last stands just running and cowering. For the last 20 years they’ve had hospitals with western medicine, infrastructure, democracy and schools with women who were allowed to read and write—things the Taliban would never allow them. If they can’t fight for that, and pay the price in blood just like every other nation…the people who are willing to fight (ie the Taliban) will decide for them.

  4. On fox news – if the poor wont work let them starve just like dogs. yes then they will lean to obay like dogs this said about your own citisens, sham on US

  5. What will the Taliban do when their ranks are inundated with the delta variant? Take the Chinese vaccine or hit their heads harder on their prayer rugs?

    1. Jeez dude you act like we didn’t fight the Nazis while fighting malaria. Or the Border War while fighting the Spanish Flu.

    2. You do know that Muslims do not vaccinate, right? It’s against Islam. You, “pro-science” very high educated Commies, still don’t have any idea about religious traditions, health condition or even age.

    3. @delilah Mercury Over 60% of Saudi Arabia has received at least one dose of vaccine. Last time I looked, that was a very Muslim country.

    1. @GanjaFarmer After September the 11th the U.S. people will no longer care what happens in Afghanistan anymore. China can deal with it.

  6. Lol the fact that they are talking about covid in Afghanistan right now, is a great example of why the USA could have never won against the Taliban

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